Why Does Digital Transformation Failures Happens?

Its importance in the business aspect has become evident. However, digital transformation failures sometimes happens. In this article, we will find why?

Digital Transformation Failures Happen: What Are The Reasons?

Firstly, digital transformation is a process or tool for your business to create anew. A new way of processing, transacting, and your customer service.

This is changes in a better way you deal with your business. 

So usually your company’s digital transformation includes the following:

  1. Your automating processes;
  2. How you implement new technologies;
  3. Operating efficiency and also cutting down the costs;
  4. Enhancing your user experience;
  5. Developing your company’s environment.

Moreover, it can be conducted in many different ways. Such as,

  • introducing your new brand model, or
  • building an improved analog.

However, these approaches or goals of digital transformation is not an exemption to any failures. 

It is a sad reality. So let us start discussing what are the failures that you may encounter. Also, what are the reasons?

Unclear Digital Transformation Objectives

So the first thing why you may encounter failure is not having objectives. It is like driving without a destination. 

You just drive tripping and wasting your gas. Though it so much fun but it’s a no-no-no when it comes to your business.

When trying to implementing the digital transformation set first your goal. It is a strategic initiative that will your company reach a new level.

Why? Because the implementation may affect the following,

  • process automation and remote working,
  • new technologies and new website,
  • brandnew marketing strategies, also
  • new business model and digital-first customer experience.

Lack Of Expertise And Background

Of course, the lack of experience could lead to a mistake. Such as

  • incorrectly set goals,
  • absence of a clear strategy,
  • risk control, and
  • insufficient resources

However, your company does not need to be pro or expert in digital transformation. But you need to consult with external experts.

This is a must in order to have a successful transformation.

Internal Resistance 

Well, this is just plain natural in any company that starting with transformation. Many don’t want to deal with changes.

However, you need to be more patient. Also, you need a plan here to deal with your company’s fear to encounter risk.

Ignoring Your Customer Experience

This is one of the most but sometimes neglected. If your company is transforming, expect changes in your customer service also.

So you better now neglect their suggestion or complaints. They are the source of your companies life.

Superior Management Is Not Dedicated

Changes always start from the top. So the support of higher management is needed.

If they want to transform so they need to trust the process. Also, helps the employees to accepts the transformation.

So here are the tips to encourage and excite your employees in digital transformation.

  • Create a system of incentives
  • Gives insurance for the staff
  • Express a commitment
  • Show how the company should see the changes.
  • You should also perform the changes.
  • Stick to the new process.


Therefore, failures are bound to happen. However, it’s up to you how will conquer it.

Nothing is easy and every change requires a hard time.

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