What to Look for in a Cybersecurity Consulting Services Company

What should you look for in a cybersecurity consulting services company?

The more companies turn digitalization into their organizations, the more risks threaten cyberspace. In fact, according to Juniper Research, the cost of data breach incidents reaches $2 trillion worldwide in 2019. Thus, making cybersecurity a necessity rather than an option.

Besides, cyber threats do not limit their toll on big enterprises, because even small to medium businesses are prime targets. Every business is at stake, regardless of its size. 

So if you are not confident enough of your current cybersecurity systems, you can ask for help from a cybersecurity consulting services company. 

This post will cover that for you. We will be giving you a definite guide on how to find a trusted cybersecurity consulting services company.

How to Look for a Trusted Cybersecurity Consulting Services Company

1. Know Your Needs

Know your needs by assessing which cybersecurity solutions that your organization-specific needs. Perhaps you need solutions like data loss prevention, firewalls, anti-ransomware solution, network security, cloud, and system security. Whichever your list, be sure to be specific. Being specific can help you target specific solutions that your organization will surely benefit from.

TIP: Conducting a cybersecurity assessment or audit is the best way to identify your org’s security needs. Perhaps you can check with your local cybersecurity firms’ affordable, even free assessment services.

2. List the Best Services that You Know & Research

Have a list of at least two or three cybersecurity consulting companies. After that, dig through their reputation and experience in the field you are needing help for. Besides, it can help if you also do your little research of techniques, technologies, and approaches that they do to offer their services.

  • Read online reviews and customer feedback
  • Explore their websites and read clients’ testimonials
  • Contact and ask them directly

Ideally, it’s best to go for a company with a good name and robust experience.

3. Assess their Team

Get to know more of a company through their team of cyber professionals. Their team should be of people with enough skills and experience in the field. For example, you can check the professionals’ profiles on their company’s website. Perhaps see through their credentials and work experiences.

4. See-through their Services

Look beyond the company’s claims by seeing through their real services. Besides, take note that if the company offers a wide range of services, it means they have a large workforce. If the opposite is happening, the offer might be too good to be true, instead. So perhaps you can do your interview by calling and asking them directly. The more specific they are in discussing their services, the better.

5. Reporting & Performance Evaluation

Monthly or periodic reports are ideal when opting for cybersecurity solutions. So know how they do the report, and how often do they provide it. Everything should be in the contract and fulfilling as it is. Also, consider discussing the metrics you opt to use in evaluating their performance.

6. Consider the Scalability

Ideally, a good cybersecurity solutions provider can scale along with your business. Otherwise, it can cause downtime and unnecessary disruption.

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