What Is Kofax Kapow? A Brand Retooling

Your product name is important for marketing awareness. But, terms can change and names can be replaced. What is Kofax Kapow? Let’s uncover the truth about its surface.

Kofax Brand

Global sectors recognize the Kofax brand. It has fairness in the software market and customers support their products. More, the Kofax brand introduces RPA solutions to the market. Thus, an engaging and suitable product name is necessary.

Moreover, Kofax offers enterprise-scale Robotic Process Automation software. Its features include the most complete intelligent automation functionality on the market. So, finding a good name is an important case to address.

The Past

For the past several years, RPA products from Kofax is known as Kapow. Many would consider this as a funny name. Despite this, the name suggests more and can provide the customer beyond its surface. Additionally, Kofax is making everybody aware of the industry. Indeed, they are an automation company.


Last year, a strong brand campaign was empowered by Kofax. Furthermore, it is driving awareness for organizations. Kofax wants companies to embrace automation to work like tomorrow.

Kofax technology is an important solution. This includes Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive Capture, and  Process Orchestration. Also, Advanced Analytics, Mobility, and Engagement.

To address the RPA product name, Kofax planned to align its name to its automation strengths. As a result, the company dropped the name Kapow and henceforth be known as Kofax RPA.

This not only makes the product name more evident to its purpose. But aligns the product with the positioning strength of Kofax. Besides, Kofax became an automation leader for the global rebranding campaign.

Different Name, Same Aim

Every organization is under immense pressure to digitize and automate its operations. Despite this, many still rely on tasks handled manually within their business. Processes such as reviewing, collecting, and inputting information between systems, portals, and websites.

Repetitive, remedial tasks need your employees to log in and out of many systems.  Also, copying and pasting data between different sources and formats. Thus, slowing productivity and creating operational inefficiencies.

Because of that, Kofax RPA was materialized.

It is an efficient and fast way to get, enhance, and deliver information. All these with no coding needed.

Moreover, this can be done from virtually any application or data source. This includes websites, portals, desktop applications, and many more.

Furthermore, Kofax RPA has cognitive and machine learning functionality. As a result, customers can achieve their automation ambition.

RPA with embedded AI technology positions Kofax RPA as an Intelligent Automation platform. Also, it paved way for partnerships and adds credence for companies to work like tomorrow.

Benefits Through DAOS


Deploy a digital workforce to direct interactions, transform data, capture content, handle process exceptions, and cut human errors.


Save time and money.  You can enjoy swift implementation and lightning-fast ROI. Also, it will improve the customer experience. How? By automating labor-intensive, multi-step tasks across the business.


Track processes and trends to unlock valuable insights, optimize processes, ensure compliance, and maximize productivity.


Leverage a scalable solution to automate hundreds of use cases across your organization with central management.

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