What Is Difference Between Robotics And Automation?

Robotics and Automation are two seemingly synonymous words used in today’s media. Certainly, what is difference between robotics and automation?

These two words are often together. However, these two are also often misunderstood in context. 

Most likely, both modern processes are useful in leveling up one’s business. But, knowing their difference will further help. Especially in pinpointing which is mostly in need by your business processes. Remember, they are not the same. Although these are often connecting and overlapping.

So, what is difference between robotics and automation?

The Difference


This involves the three-phase process. Which is designing, creating, and using machines. These machines are robots. Furthermore, these robots are to perform tasks. 

Most likely, these are repetitive tasks. These tasks are usually by humans. But sometimes, robots are helpful in some special case scenarios. For example, some tasks need to be done in hazardous environments. So robots can take the place of humans in doing the job.


On the other hand, you can call it Automation when physical machines are used. Also in using computer software and technologies.

Like Robotics, Automation aids in doing the task that is supposed to be for humans. It comes from the word ‘automatic’. Thus, Automation applies technology to automatically monitor and control production or tasks. 

Overlapping Of Usage

However, as you can see there are more similarities between the two. But, certainly, they are not the same.

For instance, physical robots can be with automation. However, some robots are not made for automation. For example, robot pets are created for lonely elders. Thus, this is part of robotics. But there is no automation involved.

In like manner, automation can be without the purpose of robotics. For example, a chatbot can interact with a potential customer in an e-commerce shop. This chatbot can even ask for the customer’s feedback at the end of their conversation. 

Type Of Automation

Industrial And Software Automation

This is the type of automation that is often linked with the two terms. IA or Industrial Automation is the use of physical robots and special control systems. Both in expediting processes. Moreover, a good picture of this is the use of IA in car factories. They especially make use of this with their high levels of autonomy.

On the other hand, another type of it is software automation. The term itself suggests the use of software to expedite processes. Again, this has a lot to do with repetitive tasks that are supposed to be for humans.

Also, the following are the different types of Software Automation.

  • Intelligent Automation
  • Test Automation
  • RPA or Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

It is mostly known as RPA. This process uses software robots with UI (user interface). Moreover, this process is also for mimicking human actions for tasks. 

However, take note that this has nothing to do with robotics. Because this process is more related to rule-based tasks with structured digital data. On the other hand, more complex business processes are not with RPA. 

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