What is Data Breach and How Does it Happen?

What is data breach? How does this affect businesses in today’s technology-heavy world?

A data breach is not only a temporary terror for many companies. This event can change the course in how they do their business.

But businesses are not the only ones affected by this. It could be governments and individuals.

So, let us take a look at what is data breach and see how it happens.

What is Data Breach?

A data breach is where vital and confidential information is leaked. And these files are shared and viewed by an unauthorized person.

Then, the hackers that get these data can get by whether one is online or offline. They can also get it via Bluetooth, text messages, the internet, or online services.

So, a data breach can happen for two main weaknesses. Weakness in technology and user behavior.

And this event has a higher chance of happening today as more and more technologies are rising. With the rise of IoT and “smart home”, it is clear that people now value convenience more than security.

This is due to people using these new digital products and services. All with very little security testing.

Also, even in this world that relies on technology, there are still those who have poor digital habits. And it only takes one hacker to get their valuable data.

So, how does a data breach happen?

How Does Data Breach Happen?

A data breach does not always happen due to outside hackers. There are many ways this can happen to someone or an organization. This is how:

  • Accidental Insider. This is where someone without authorization viewed sensitive data by accident. But did not share it. It was not their intention to view these data but because he’s unauthorized to do so, the data is now breached.
  • Malicious Insider. This is where a person got access and shared vital data and did it on purpose. And the intent is to harm the victim. This person may have the authority to use the data but he uses it in the wrong way.
  • Lost or Stolen Devices. Any device, may it be a laptop or mobile device, got lost or stolen without the proper protection. It may be unencrypted or unlocked and data is at risk.
  • Malicious Outside Criminals. These are the outside hackers that attack victims to get their valuable data. Then use this with harmful intent.

So, what are the ways these malicious criminals use to do a data breach? Here are some ways:

  • Phishing. This is a social engineering attack. They design this to fool users and cause a data breach. So, it acts as people and organizations users trust and asks them for their valuable data.
  • Brute Force Attacks. Hackers may force their way into a user’s data. Like guessing their passwords or putting software to guess passwords.
  • Malware. This is where hackers look for any security flaws. May it be in a user’s operating system, software, hardware, network, or servers. Then they attack the flaw by using malware or spyware.

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