What Is Chrome Automation Extension?

Automation also comes with ordinary users with their Google Chrome browsers. What is chrome automation extension? What are some other chrome extensions designed for automation?

Chrome Extensions For Automation

Do you know that automation isn’t only for big enterprises? Almost everyone today feels today’s fast-paced way of living. We got so much to do on the list, but not enough time is available. This is true even with ordinary users of the web.

That is how automation plays its significance today. Repetitive tasks such as filling out forms, and passing on job applications. Not to mention data mining of one data to another. All of these seemingly tedious tasks can be automated by yourself.

What Is Chrome Automation Extension?

This is known as the CBA. Or the Chromium Browser Automation. This tool is perfect for automation beginners. Because CBA has an easy user interface.

CBA can easily be installed as your browser extension. This is a full-featured tool that is perfectly designed for automating repetitive tasks. For example, you can automate the filling out of forms.

Consider its features:

  • Record- this is not a screen recording feature. But, this feature ‘records’ how you interact on a certain web page. It stores your browsing information.
  • Play- after recording your web interactions, you can then ‘play’ them. For instance, you can play how you filled-out forms during your recording. Moreover, this also works in your re-accessing of mails. Or in deleting your bookmarks. This will save you a significant amount of time.
  • Injection- this is a significant feature of advanced users like web developers. For example, injection is useful in debugging and app testing. Because this extension can also let you inject your scripts into web pages. As a result, you will then see how this information impacts how the site performs.

KantuX Automation Tool

Aside from the mentioned CBA tool, there are more automation tools available as extensions.

The KantuX tool is another smart automation tool. Not to mention that it is free. 

KantuX has the following features:

  • Available for interaction with almost every website
  • Supports complex features: dialog boxes, and frames
  • KantuX supports AJAX, JavaScript, and Flash
  • Can do data mining

Aside from these, the following are KantuX’s best features.

Smooth Browsing Experience

Because of its Chromium technology, the tool blends well with the Google Chrome browser. Thus, you can expect fewer bugs and lags.

MS Excel 

KantuX is well compatible with MS Excel. This is especially helpful in better data mining. For example, you can fill in web forms from excel. Or either way works, you can also fill in excel from web pages.

Universal Automation Tool

This tool specializes in better job hunting. You can better search, and apply to job posts. 

How it works:

  • Fill in your job post preferences. You can only fill this in once. 
  • It searches through job posts for available positions. Of course, the results will be according to your preferences.
  • It sends the application for you.
  • Provides you with application ID and codes.

Certainly, these tools are useful in upgrading your web experience. 

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