What Is Blue Prism Robotic Automation?

So, what is Blue Prism Robotic Automation? Automation is now a new trend. Well, there are a lot of platforms to choose from. Also, Blue Prism is a pioneer in the field.

Blue Prism 

Blue Prism is a software development company based in the UK. They are responsible for Robotic Process Automation. Also, they supply companies with robots that help automate office processes. These robots work exactly like humans but more efficient. 

One of Blue Prism’s invention is the RPA itself. This means that the company is a pioneer in RPA software development. With that in mind, the more reason we have to abide by their way of innovation.

Furthermore, the software enables operations to be agile and cost-effective. How? By creating a digital workforce. To simply put, they have the tools with flowchart system design. What makes it also easy is the drag and drop feature of the processes.


Scalable and secure. Also, Blue Prism has a central mind. Thus, it can manage a virtual workforce for software robots. And, complete automation solution.

Robust features: load balancing, encryption, and audit. It also has various types of spying modes for different application types.

Aside from that, it provides support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud deployment patterns. Furthermore, exception stages can be set to save a screen capture.

Moreover, You can automate Excel, XML, CSV, pdf, image, etc. It can automate software development. This software may come from Java, Mainframe, Web-based, and Windows Applications.


The four main components of Blue Prism are:

These are comprised of various stages connected. How? It uses links to form logical structures. Then, stages are selected from the toolbar and placed on the diagram using the cursor. Besides, you can select, move, resize, format, cut, copy, paste, and delete those.

Process studio is an area where you can create your desired process. It forms like a flowchart design. This process acts like a human user. Thus, it implements a software robot’s logic. Like the flowchart mentality, there are interactions between several applications that connect each other. These connections are essential. It carries out a series of steps that can trigger another set of actions. 

This type of studio is where we can create the VBO. VBO stands for Visual Business Object. The purpose is to interact with other applications.

Application Modeller is the functionality to create application models with Object Studio. This exposes the UI Elements of a target application to the Blue Prism program.


No need for IT skills in implementation. Moreover, it needs 4 to 6 weeks of implementation. Also, you can attain a high ROI with self-funding returns.

Aside from that, you can automate the controls of the application. Moreover, you can improve interactivity and productivity between humans and robots. 

Multi-tiered Encryption Algorithms provides secure connectivity. Also, data storage, and access.

Improved Control Room to offer real-time feedback on robot status. Besides, it can also allow you to get a complete insight into the digital workforce.

Lastly, you can build highly efficient and automated end-to-end business processes.

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