What Is Ayehu EyeShare?- Insights From The CEO

Ayehu EyeShare serves as one of the world’s IT solutions today. What is Ayehu EyeShare? What are the benefits of integrating this automation into one’s business processes? Ayehu CEO and Founder, Gabby Nizri shared his insights.

Ayehu EyeShare

What is Ayehu EyeShare? 

Ayehu Software Technologies is an IT Automation platform. It was founded in 2007, in the United States. Since then, this automation platform has supported more than thousands of IT processes around the world. 

It helps:

  • Identify and resolve critical incidents
  • Simplify complex workflows
  • Maintain better IT infrastructure control

Ayehu EyeShare is best for:

  • Enterprises- in managing their IT systems more efficiently
  • MSPs or Managed Service Providers
  • MSSPs or Managed Security Service Providers
  • Accelerating MTTR

Moreover, Ayehu is available for Windows. And is web-based, cloud, and SaaS. The platform provides training in various ways. This includes actual training, live online, webinars, and thorough documentation.

Features Include The Following:

  • Configuration Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Self-service portal
  • Release & Deployment Management

Furthermore, more insights are shared by the Ayehu’s CEO himself. 

Automation Vs People

One reason why a lot do not turn to automation is because of the fear of losing a job. However, this was not the case 10 years ago. It was widely understood that people and resources are highly in need. This is crucial for the business to run.

However, with automation and technology innovations, ITs fear losing their place. But is that the case? 

Consider the benefits.

Time and Cost-Efficient

One problem existing in the market is a huge lack of skills. It is hard to find a reliable and expert at the same time. Moreover, suppose you find one, but this person needs to be trained well first. Before he adapts to what the company needs.

On the other hand, a virtual operator is different. Because it can learn the process, even the most complex processes- at once. After that, it can do the assigned tasks over and over again. 

In case of errors, the developer may be the one to blame. But, in the end, this way processes are less prone to ‘human error’. Also, this is safer and better accuracy than human labor.

Better Teams

Ayehu’s CEO states that the purpose of automation is to empower teams. Moreover, its eyes into helping these people be experts in strategic problem-solving. However, this also means fewer people for the company. 

This way, people can focus on more significant tasks. Although some processes remain unautomated. So personnel should be assigned to watch over too.

Automation Vs Security

Another cause of fear of automation is Security Risk issues. Besides, IT and Security often work in silos. But could automation pose a threat to your security?

Better Than People

One good thing in trusting private networks to automation. Is that these machines do not have hidden intentions or motives. That means lesser risks of internal malicious attacks. This shows better security than entrusting credentials to a person. 

Thus, it poses little risks. But, it results in higher rewards.

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