What Is Automator Apple Mac?

An exciting and productive feature comes with our Macs. This is the Automator. What is Automator apple mac? How does it work for productivity?

What Is Automator Apple Mac?

Do you know that automation is possible even with your own Mac? That means you don’t have to be stuck with daily repetitive tasks. Because the automation process can do it for you.This is how the Automator tool helps. This has an easy drag-and-drop feature. Moreover, Automation is a tool available with the OS X. This tool lets you create simple and complex tasks. And turn them into workflows.

The Automator tool will therefore do these repetitive tasks for you. Simple tasks may include:

  • Combining multiple PDF Documents
  • File conversion of movies

More About Automator Workflow

A good illustration for this is the principle of recipes.


Like a recipe, it needs a list of ingredients.
In the same manner, a workflow needs a list of inputs. Moreover, the location of these inputs should be indicated. So these inputs serve as the ingredients.


Like a recipe, the step-by-step procedure should be specified too.
Likewise, in a workflow, the series or steps of actions are also indicated. This is to ensure that the automation tasks shall deliver efficient results.
Certainly, it is easy to navigate. As long as you know the process you want to automate. Furthermore, the making of this ‘recipe’ is done by the drag-and-drop feature. Usually, it comes with a list of available options.

Why Try Automator?

The principle of automation is for better productivity. Moreover, consider the following benefits.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

This, being the foremost reason for automation. Unless you are not that type of a busy person, you may not need automation. But for people who count every minute of every day, this suits them well.
Most importantly, automation can ease the load of your daily routine.

It’s Simple!

Another reason for trying Automator is because of its easy navigation. As already mentioned, it comes with a simple drag-and-drop feature. So no coding is needed to enable automation.
However, you can level up your automation experience. That is by integrating coding with the use of AppleScripts.

AppleScripts & Automator

One best feature of this tool is its capability to integrate with AppleScript. As a result, you can empower your automation processes even more.Most especially that several OS X applications are compatible with AppleScript. Thus, you can write your scripts on AppleScript. Then, download them on Automator. However, make sure this is a suitable one.

For example, you want to have a folder that will automate the documents in it into a new Evernote file.

  • Create a folder on your desktop.
  • Lastly, integrate with Automator. With the use of Automator, you can then develop your workflow.

The Verdict

Certainly, Automator on Mac is a huge help. It is easy to use and boosts your productivity. Plus, you can even upskill the workflows with the help of AppleScripts.

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