What Is AutoIt Tool: An Easy And Simple Tool For Automation

Have you ever thought of using an automated testing tool? Well, there’s a lot of them. But one of them is AutoIt. So what is AutoIt tool? Read this post to get to know more.

What Is AutoIt Tool?

It’s an automation tool. It can also be used in various processes involving windows and desktop applications.

Further, it’s designed for automating Windows GUI and general scripting. It also uses a combination of different keystrokes and mouse movements.

AutoIt runs on all windows versions. Besides, you can automate any specific task. This is done by simply writing a few lines of script. You can also use the AutoIt Recorder to record the process.

Its Features

The following are the features of AutoIt:

  • Easy to learn syntax. This is because it uses a very simple syntax for its scripting language. Also, it is easily learned and implemented.
  • Interaction with all standard Windows control.
  • Simulates keystrokes and various mouse movements.
  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Calling external DLL and Windows API functions directly.
  • It has a detailed ‘Help’ file and large community-based support forums. All the support information and help needed by any learner is provided by this feature. Also, the automation illustrates several scenarios, where this tool was used.
  • It has compatibility features.
  • Compilation of scripts into standalone executables.

How To Automate A Process Using The AutoIt

To automate, you need to have AutoIt installed. Just click autoit setup.exe. Also, install the Scite Editor.exe to have the script editor.

After the installation, just right-click anywhere where AutoIt is installed and follow these steps to create a .au3 file:

  • After that, select the AutoIt V3 Script
  • Give a name to that file and press the Enter button.
  • After creating the file, right-click on it and then select the Edit Script option to get an AutoIt script editor window.

This is where we can start scripting to make AutoIt perform some tasks or actions.

Advantages Of AutoIt

The following are the advantages of using AutoIt:

  • Easy recording or playback and simple scripting are supported.
  • Consolewritecommand can easily debug the loglines.
  • You don’t need to pay for this tool.
  • You can also create small standalone executables.
  • This tool can recognize specific areas with pixelchecksum and pixelsearch.
  • The tool can also recognize all basic Windows controls. Additionally, it also has the option to create different GUIs.

Disadvantages Of AutoIt

It also possesses the following disadvantages:

  • The AU3 info toll does not identify all types of objects.
  • There’s no support for java.
  • And has no control repository.
  • It doesn’t support all browsers. Instead, using IE.AU3 only supports Internet Explorer controls.
  • If you’re using different predefined utility functions, then you need to import separate libraries.

Yes, are many open-source tools available in the market. Yet, we need to evaluate and analyze any specific tool based on our requirements.

AutoIt is one tool that can be used to automate various processes associated with Windows and desktop-based applications. Given that it simple and user-friendly scripting.

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