What Is AssistEdge? Definition And Reviews

There are a lot of automation platforms on the market. Let’s take a look at one of those, AssistEdge. What is AssistEdge? Here’s what you need to know.

Let’s also take a look at different reviews from people and companies who experienced it themselves.


AssistEdge is a leading cohesive automation platform built with a holistic suite of automation and AI capabilities. Because it can automate repetitive manual tasks. Also, improve data quality, to enhance the better customer experience.

As a leading automation tool, AssistEdge enables automation by assuring scalability, security, Intelligence, and Innovation to enterprises.

  • A highly scalable, secure, intelligent, and innovative RPA platform
  • Also, an end-to-end platform for implementing RPA
  • Moreover, it has 120+ implementations with the integration of RPA with chatbots and email bots
  • Over 80+ use cases where AI/ML algorithms trigger RPA bots
  • Also, it enables organizations to transition between attended and unattended automation seamlessly


What Do You Like?

brijesh r

“I can automate most of my daily repetitive tasks by simply creating a flowchart of steps involved. The interface is user-friendly and we don’t have to write much code, it’s just drag and drop.”

User in Information Technology and Services

“Robotic Process Automation was never so easy without this tool. We can make our daily life processes very easy with the help of the assist edge community edition. Moreover, you don’t need to know programming or coding to start an automation. Because it has a very user-friendly template to solve most of our problems. For example, just by dragging and dropping, we can create and publish our automation. With the help of Eva bot, we can easily schedule our automation whenever required.”

Internal Consultant in Chemicals

  • Automates repetitive processes using AI-enabled bots.
  • also, it tracks the processes and identifies automation opportunities
  • Supports multi-channel collaboration with multiple media
  • Moreover, single platform for heterogeneous processes/ business applications
  • The platform can be hosted in Enterprise Cloud

What Do You Dislike?

brijesh r

“On doing automation with the help of Google, Google was able to identify the bot and was asking me for image captcha. So, my automation was failing in that case. And, I had no idea how to bypass this captcha.”

User in Information Technology and Services

“If we use google to fetch the data for automation, google will identify our bots, and then we have to solve the image captcha to resolve this.

Internal Consultant in Chemicals

“Initial phases of implementation could be time-intensive.”

What Benefits Have You Realized?

brijesh r

“Some routine task of my office was made simple with the help of automation. Instead of doing those repetitive tasks, I just had to run the bot.”

User in Information Technology and Services

“We can use it for our daily life day to day repetitive problems that we have to solve. Automation is good for repetitive processes and saves a lot of human effort and time. For instance, I used it to filter out my useful emails, watch my working hours, and there are lots of stuff that you can do with automation.”

Internal Consultant in Chemicals

“Helps clients identify automation opportunities and enables automation of repetitive processes that required manual intervention in the past. Thus, implementation of RPA suite helped channelize human resources to more productive work and thereby improve operational efficiency.”

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