What Is AppleScript Used For? Automation Tool For MacOS

Are you familiar with AppleScript? What is Applescript used for? Well if you’re dealing with repetitive tasks on mac, then you might want to use this software.

What Is AppleScript?

AppleScript is a scripting language. It is developed by Apple Inc. and is designed for the Macintosh operating system.

It’s commonly used for programming using common gateway interfaces with Macintosh-based Web servers. And also like Automator, it interacts primarily with apps and Finder to automate tasks for you.

Also, it’s an object-oriented language with inheritance and delegation. Aside from that, it is easy to understand.

What Is AppleScript Used For?

This software was developed so users could have quick access to controlling the function of the Mac OS. It provides an intelligent method for controlling applications. The same for accessing and modifying documents.

Aside from that, it provides an easy and direct way to write immediate scripts. Especially those scripts that extend an OS’s functionality without writing or rewriting the whole program.

And most importantly, AppleScript is used to automate repetitive tasks on mac. This can help you do better things with your time. You just have to drop the files onto the slave Mac and start the script.

AppleScript is a great tool for writing daily utilities. Such are file management, folders, disks, and networking activities.

Advantages Of AppleScript

It has the following advantages:

  • AppleScript uses software that exists already in the system. Thus, this can avoid possible problems introduced by third-party software.
  • You can send an AppleScript directly to the Finder. This ensures that the items shown on the desktop are up to date.
  • Also, you can create countless customized scripts. This especially if you’re willing to explore the world of programming.


There are also disadvantages. Such are the ones on the list below:

  • The operation of a script depends on the responses given by each application, the Finder, and each scripting addition. Thus it is important to make sure to check always the version numbers of the software. This helps you see if it needs updating.
  • AppleScript commands are not standardized. So this means that the script that works for one application doesn’t work for another application. Apple Inc. did not set rigid standards in the first place. So, those scripts that exist change over time. And this may cause older scripts to fail with the newer versions of Mac OS.
  • Another thing is that the original interface of AppleScript is primitive. This provides a standard dialogue box, open dialogue, and choose folder dialogue. Therefore you can not choose files and folders in a single dialogue. Also, you can not select more than one item. Even though many third-party additions and packages alleviate these limitations.
  • Moreover, there’s no other way of launching scripts from the keyboard.
  • Also, AppleScript is painfully slow on 680×0-based machines.

Running AppleScripts

There Are many ways to run AppleScript files.

  • Script Editor – This helps create AppleScripts. It has a simple interface. And also it is installed with macOS.
  • Automator – This runs the specified scripts.
  • A variety of 3rd-party applications.

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