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Do you know what is AppleScript Editor used for? 

Defining: What Is Applescript Editor Used For?

This is an application for writing either AppleScripts or Javascripts. You can find it in /Applications/Utilities.

Moreover, the Script Editor is capable of editing, running scripts, and compiling. Not to mention that it can also browse scripting terminologies. And also save scripts in different formats. Moreover, formats include apps, compiled scripts, or plain text.

On the other hand, XCode is also useful in writing AppleScriptObjC and JavaScriptObjC apps.

Areas Of The Script Editor & Their Usage

The following main areas are what you will find in a Script Editor.


This can be found on the upper right side of the window. The following are its usage and functions:

  • Used to compile, run, and stop scripts.
  • You can customize what buttons shall appear on your toolbar. Do Select View>Customize Toolbar, and then choose the desired buttons to display. Or you can CTRL+Click the Toolbar to access the ‘Customize Toolbar’.
  • Record your mouse clicks and keystrokes. This record button will then convert these into script code. However, this feature is not available with JavaScripts.

Navigation Bar

This button is found on the upper left side of the window. It is below the ‘record’ button of the Toolbar pane.

Navigation Bar lets you choose your scripting language. Also, it lets you target a specific app. Not to mention how you can also navigate through handlers in your script.

Editor Pane

This is found below the Navigation Bar. This serves like your ‘text box’. Because this is where you can write your script.

Accessory View Pane

This can be found below the Editor Pane. 

Moreover, its function is for viewing and editing script descriptions. Also, you can browse results and events. For instance, your script runs.

Bundle Contents Pane

This makes up almost half of the right side of the window.

  • Edit identifiers, versions, and script copyrights.
  • Features include adding, removing, and managing the resources within the bundle.

However, this is only available for access when the script is done saving. Either in the script bundle or in an app format.

Scripting Language

On your navigation bar, you can opt for your scripting language. You can either choose between Apple Script or JavaScript.

However, if you are constant with a certain scripting language. You can choose it as a default. Moreover, you can do this by accessing General Pane.

Script Events & Results

What is the Result?

This is the value generated when a script statement is executed. Take note, if the script’s last statement has no results. Then that means that the script executed has no results.

How To View The Scripting Result?

Suppose the script executed bears results. Then you can find these results in the Accessory View pane.

There are three different ways to do this:

  • Click Command-2
  • Another option is: Choose View> then ‘Show Result’
  • Or, you can click the Show Result button. (You can find this at the bottom of the Accessory View pane)

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