What Experts Say About Digital Transformation of Health Care Now

Our lives have changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also has a great impact on the digital transformation of health and care.

Now, how are things going in the industry? Also, what are the emerging challenges in 2021?

Continue to read to find out.

Digital Transformation of Health and Care

One part of digital transformation is about embracing technologies and tools. Why? For the purpose of changing the whole company or business for the better.

In the healthcare industry, DX is more than just adopting technologies. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a matter of survival for them.

In fact, the industry is expected to spend about $210 billion in DX by 2025. Some examples of the application of DX in healthcare are the following:

  • Making health records digitalized.
  • Collecting data from health-related devices.
  • Securing health records and data.
  • Applying new technologies to make healthcare affordable and accessible.
  • Using new advancements as an investment.

Digital transformation of health and care differs for every different hospital, system, or even country. Still, we need to learn about the latest trends of DX in this industry.

Digital Transformation Trends in Health and Care in 2020 and Beyond

Telemedicine/Virtual Care

Since the start of the pandemic, online doctor appointments have escalated quickly. For one, we are anxious about getting the virus. So, we try to do our daily tasks online.

Another reason is the lockdown measures. The social distancing protocols forced patients to get the care virtually.

Before the pandemic, most patients are hesitant to try telemedicine. But now, we’ve seen how it is beneficial for both patients and doctors.

Predictive Analytics

It’s always best to prepare. And we learned that the hard way during the pandemic.

Now, hospitals have realized the importance of predictive analysis. For one, it can anticipate the threats they have to prepare for. They can also analyze the incoming patients.

For instance, the US uses tools to predict COVID-19 surges. How? By checking the temperature and humidity data.

They also managed data by tracking the GPS of the prospect virus carrier. Thus, they can manage the cross-infection and contact tracing.

Challenges in the Digital Transformation of Health and Care

Despite the wide use of technologies now, the industry still has room for improvement. Here are some of the challenges in the industry for 2021.

On-Demand Healthcare

As stated, telemedicine has been on the rise. One factor that influences this trend is the increase in mobile devices. At the same time, patients now care about mobility.

Every healthcare consumer wants to get everything right there and then. Our current lifestyle also affects the experience we demand from healthcare providers.

Data Security

Despite the advancement of technology, cyberattacks are still there. If anything, the cyberthreat landscape has widened at the beginning of the pandemic.

As if the virus is not scary enough, cybercriminals are also working very hard to compromise data security.

In fact, a report stated about the first cyber attack-related death of a patient in Germany.

So, the challenge to secure patient records will continue to plague providers. But, adopting technologies like blockchain can help solve the issue.

For example, blockchain helps a hospital manage data securely. So, they can prevent any breaches or incidents.

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