What Does Automator On A Mac Do? – Tips & Tricks 2020

If you are a mac user, then there’s more you can do. Mac has its Automator. But what does Automator on a Mac do? Discover what you can do with your Automator.

Mac Automator

The Automator makes a super easy programmer. Thanks to its ‘drag ad drop’ feature. Because programming has never been much easier.

The word itself suggests how it can ‘automate’ tasks. Moreover, this is helpful in getting more efficient with your tasks. Because you can automate repetitive tasks into ‘workflows’.

This truly sounds exciting. But let us delve more. What does Automator on a Mac do?

Encrypt PDFs

  • Configure the workflow, and save.
  • Create a file name for this new print plug-in. Then let Automator do the job.
  • To test your workflow, open print dialog in any application.
  • Next, click the PDF button.
  • And select the file name of your workflow.
  • Type in your password, and confirm.

Audio Files From Text

  • Configure the workflow, and save.
  • Assign a workflow name for this new task.
  • To test your workflow, open any application on your Mac.
  • Then, select the text you want for conversion.
  • After that, select and click the application name in the menu bar.
  • Select the file name you just created for this task.
  • Moreover, let Automator do the conversion job.
  • And a newly converted audio file will appear on your desktop. Now it’s easy to hear the words you just selected.

Anniversary Reminder

  • Any upcoming event will appear as a text file. This is along with the persons involved. Also with the exact date of the event.
  • Run this workflow by clicking the ‘run’ button.
  • Also, you can choose to run this workflow by saving it as an application.
  • Next, when the workflow is run, there is a text file that will appear on your desktop.
  • This file will contain the names of people who have anniversaries. As a result, you can keep up to date with other people’s significant events.

Export iPhone Movies On QuickTime

  • Click the play button and preview the chosen movie files.
  • To run the workflow, click on the ‘run’ button. Or save the workflow as an application.
  • iLife media browser will appear.
  • Next, select the movie file you want. Also, you can choose from Photo Booth, iMovie, or iTunes. Not to mention that your movies can be used too.
  • Processing will then follow.
  • After, the finished file will appear in your Movies folder
  • Besides, you can import this file to iTunes or sync it to your Apple device.

Multiple PDFs Into One

  • After the running of the workflow, a PDF file will appear on your desktop.
  • This single file has all the PDF Files the Automator compiled for you
  • For you to save the process, you can save it as an application.
  • But first, clear the list of files in the ‘Get Specified Finder Items’
  • Next, check ‘Show this action when the workflow runs’

So what does Automator on a Mac can do? There’s certainly a lot. Then try exploring these new ideas.

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