What Does An RPA Developer Do? Here's The Answer

The roles of RPA developers varies a lot from organization to organization. So what does an RPA developer do? This post will show the necessary tasks an RPA developer usually does.

RPA means “Robotic Process Automation.” And according to Forrester, the RPA market is growing. And it is expected to reach $2.9 billion by 2021. So this means that more RPA developers are in need.

Moreover, in the United Staes alone, a LinkedIn search for RPA developer jobs resulted in more than 18,000 openings.

What Does An RPA Developer Do?

The primary functions of an RPA developer are to design, develop, and implement software robots. These robots are automated. Also, they work alongside humans to enhance business process efficiency.

Business users request automation for repetitive processes. In this way, they can use their time to work on more creative initiatives.

So, developers ask them all the required scenarios. As a result, they should be able to provide effective automation solutions.

Additionally, their role needs:

  • To understand the process that needs to be automated.
  • Checks the workability of automating that particular process if it makes sense to do so.
  • Skill to design and develop the future state of the process.
  • Maintaining the bots in use is also part of their job. This means they have to ensure that the bots work perfectly in place always.

The Required Skills

To be successful as an RPA developer, one must:

  • Have basic logical reasoning skills. For instance, the loops, if/else statements, variables, and handling exceptions.
  • It’s also helpful if one has basic programming knowledge.
  • Be able to find the most effective and efficient way to automate a process. This is because there is are many ways of doing so.
  • Also, patience is a great advantage. It’s because one will likely face challenges while doing the job. For example, he may receive business user input in the wrong format. Or, he may encounter an issue with virtual machine memory.

Where Can You Train To Become An RPA Developer?

Free RPA Courses are offered in the Automation Anywhere University (AAU). And a Bot Developer learning trail also helps. The courses will guide you through detailed videos. And that would surely give you the feel of a trainer and are easy to understand.

AAU also has an Advanced RPA Professional certification. This will help you identify which business processes can be automated. As well as the use of the advanced features of the Control Room. And understand how RPA solves real-life business obstacles and challenges.

What You Can You Expect As An RPA Developer?

As an RPA developer, you know that you can save people time and energy. And that will enable them to do more productive work and contribute more to the organization.

Yes, RPA developer roles can change from company to company. However, these machine learning and artificial intelligence pros are often well-paid. But this job may also require long working hours.

Therefore keep in mind that the design, development, and implementation of RPA technologies can involve lots of experiments.

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