What Can UiPath Do? Things You Need To Know

What is UiPath? And what can this tool do? Well, enterprises are adopting digital methods for their operation. It’s because they understood that the future lies in operation being fully automated. So how does this software help in this regard?

What Is UiPath? And What Can UiPath Do?

UiPath is an RPA tool that is used to automate repetitive or redundant tasks. It also eliminates human intervention. We can say it is the simplest RPA tool. And that’s because of its drag and drop functionality for all activities.

It can also handle various tasks. For instance, some of these tasks could be addressing queries and making complex calculations. It can also perform maintenance of records and make high volume transactions.

It was founded by Romanian entrepreneurs Daniel Dines and Marius Tirca. And it was founded in 2005.

The Features Of UiPath

There are many tools for RPA. But, among them, UiPath is the most popular. So listed below are the features of this RPA tool.

Complete Solution

It offers complete solutions using its 3 components:

UiPath Studio allows you to automate any processes visually. And that is by the use of diagrams.

UiPath Orchestrator is a web-based tool. It’s useful for deploying, scheduling, monitoring, and managing robots & processes.

UiPath Robot, on the other hand, executes the processes built in the Studio. Robots will pick those steps and run without human intervention.

This also works when human triggers the process.

It Is Intuitive

It’s easy to work with UiPath. That’s because it uses drop and drag with flowchart activities. Also, it’s easy to learn.

The Extensive Activity Library Feature

This library consists of hundreds of pre-built, drag & drop actions.

The Security

This RPA tool offers a high level of security. Because of that, we can store and encrypt the credentials on centralized servers.


This RPA tool also offers special recorders for desktop apps, Citrix environment, and terminal emulators. Thus, resulting in fast and more precise automation.

The Universal Search Feature

This feature allows you to perform a single search for all automation resources. Examples of these resources are libraries, activities, projects, and workflows.

Power Debugging Feature

This feature offers a power debugging feature. And it is very flexible and intuitive for its users.


This tool also promotes collaboration. For instance, you can either store, protect, or share scripts in Microsoft Team foundation and SVN.

3rd-Party Integration

You can plug in various cognitive and OCR technologies because of this feature.

Server-Based Licensing

This feature makes the licensing process centralized and easy to use.

Other Useful Features

  • Compatibility of applications
  • Advanced screen scraping solution
  • Tools for modeling business processes, and
  • Scalability and robustness level

The UiPath Vs. Other Automation Tools

There are many automation tools in the market. Such are Selenium and Waite. These tools generally perform best on web automation. But they usually fail when you try to automate desktop app or any remote apps.

Also, UiPath surpasses existing technology in the following areas:

  • Scrapping techniques, and
  • The methodology of writing the logics

You can also watch this video below for more.

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