What are the UiPath Security Features?

UiPath security features are a good thing for businesses. With this tool, you not only automate your tasks but also keep your company safe.

So, UiPath kept in mind the security features in all their products. To ensure that, they send their releases to Veracode. A third-party review at the highest level.

Thus, ensuring customers that their company is safe with them. Adding to the list of many benefits UiPath offers to companies.

But what are these features? Keep on reading to know more.

UiPath Security Features

Security Governance and Controls

UiPath complies with the ISO27001:2013. And they have a certification in all their products.

Also, they did not forget about their cloud services. Meaning, UiPath keeps up a good framework policy.

Cybersecurity Governance

UiPath sees the value of cybersecurity. So, they make use of many security measures.

Thus, keeping you from any attacks or hackers. Also, making sure outsiders cannot access your data or change them.

Today, data breaches are very rampant. Many companies no matter the size can be a victim. So, it is nice to know UiPath make sure that does not happen to you.

Risk Management

With this in place, you can ensure that UiPath lessens any risk you might face. So, it can be at a level you can handle. After all, you cannot remove all risks 100%, right?

Further, UiPath does this once a year. Then, if there are any weak spots, they fix this right away. Dealing with the bigger ones first.

Access Controls

Also, another great feature is access controls. With this, you can set limits on who can access your resources.

So, those who only need to access them can get into it. When there are employees who are leaving the company, they also lose access they once had.

Then, UiPath also offers two-factor authentication (2FA). Thus, protecting your company one more level aside from having passwords.

Password Policy

Aside from 2FA, UiPath also has a password policy. So that workers do not put in weak ones and risk any vital data.

But at the of it, it is your workers who need to handle well their passwords. But, good thing UiPath has the policy to help with this.

Acceptable Use

UiPath also has set an outline of the acceptable use of their tools. Thus, lessening the risk of any unwanted access to these tools.

Also, it keeps any unwanted changes from happening. Thus, keeping your data assets safe.

As said, we do not want data breaches to happen. Right?

UiPath Security is Safe

So, if you are looking for answers if UiPath is safe, the answer is yes. As listed above, they have many security features. And that is not even all of it.

Today, around 40 government agencies make use of RPA. Thus, proving it to be reliable.

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If you seek their help, they can guide you in your automation journey.

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