What are the Top Digital Transformation Companies in 2020?

The top digital transformation companies are changing the world right now. They are the frontrunners when it comes to digital transformation.

As the world is realizing the value of digital transformation, its market is growing. They expect its CAGR to rise by 22.7% from 2019 to 2025.

Meaning, they expect it to reach $3.2 billion.

So, who are the top digital transformation companies? Also, how do these big players contribute to digital transformation?

Top Digital Transformation Companies

Google LLC

First off, Google.

Google is one of the leaders in internet-based services and products. The company itself focuses on digital transformation as well as its subsidiaries.

Then, their product and services are:

  • search engines
  • cloud computing
  • online advertising technologies
  • computer hardware
  • computer software

So, all these are important for digital transformation.

IBM Corporation

IBM is a computer solutions company. They offer applications and technology consulting among others. Also, they have a digital workplace, cloud, and network services.

Then, their five key segments are:

  • Global Business Services
  • Global Business Systems
  • Technology Services & Cloud Platforms
  • Global Financing
  • Cognitive Solutions

So, IBM helps its clients deal with both its clients and employees in an effective manner. Thus, making for a good digital transformation.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems makes and designs different technologies that are powering the internet. Always working to give customers secure and smart platforms for their digital business.

Then, they have four key segments:

  • Infrastructure Platform
  • Security (with cybersecurity under it)
  • Services
  • Application

So, with these, Cisco aims to help companies with their digital transformation efforts.

Critical Mass Technologies

Critical Mass Technologies or CMT is a digital transformation provider. And they lean on the healthcare sector. Also, they help healthcare methods using their flagship solution, Sidis Health.

Then, they help clinics reach more children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Additionally, they give electronic health records. Also, they help change a clinic’s way of organizing and giving practice.

Then, they help them run their business by a centralized real-time data collection. Thus, this gives transparency to children and parents.


Elemica is a leading Digital Supply Network for Manufacturers. This allows them to connect, automate, and give visibility to supply chains.

Also, their reach in the world includes:

  • leading manufacturers
  • direct material suppliers
  • logistics service providers
  • end customers who they buy and sell with

So, this is an effective digital transformation solution. As Elimica gives visibility to their clients. And helps them ease their business process.

KPI Digital

Analytics, performance management, and digital marketing transformation. This is what KPI Digital offers to its clients.

Then, they help them better the decision-making process and grow ROI.

Also, the experts at KPI have wide knowledge on how to transform data into:

  • information
  • insight
  • action…

… to gain competitive advantage.

Additionally, they give strategies and solutions to their clients. This is to gain corporate order and have happy customers.


These are only some of the top companies for digital transformation in 2020. So, how is the next year looking for these companies? Then, will other players come into play into the digital transformation scene?

Let’s see in the coming years.

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