What are the Top CIO Concerns this 2020?

What are the top CIO concerns this 2020?

The CIO’s role continues to change over the years. And it is more true in today’s world. This is because of the rapid changes and business expansions we are seeing.

So, in this article, we will talk about these CIO concerns and what can help them solve these. Read on to know more.

Adopting New Technologies Faster

This year, experts predicted the global IT spending to hit $3.9 trillion. So, this means technology will continue to be vital in business strategy.

Companies are now more competitive with technology-related issues. In how flexible they are in using computing resources and adapting to new ones. All while facing the pandemic.

So, CIOs need to map the perks of advancing their technology. While making sure that it is what that company needs and it aligns with its goals.

Further, if they still haven’t, CIOs need to look into AI and IoT to aid in their efforts. These techs will become more and more vital in the coming years.

Getting the Best Talent

Getting and keeping the best talent is not that easy. Especially with the rise of the skills gap in today’s modern era.

That is why CIOs need to invest more in the talents within their company. So, they need to make a lot of career paths to help these talents better their skills.

Also, CIOs need to retrain all the tech workforce to ensure quality in their work. They can do this by making an online learning portal.

With this, their tech workforce can make use of a personalized online experience. And add this up with in-person training if possible. Or top management immersion programs.

Digital Collaboration

Many employees today are working at home. So, having an effective collaboration with tech teams proves to be hard.

To solve this, the CIO needs to make effective solutions for:

  • instant messaging
  • conferencing
  • file sharing

Then, they need to ensure there is the right level of collaboration between IT teams. Especially with cybersecurity teams.

They need to learn the importance of working early on with cybersecurity teams. This is because IT can lessen the cycle times and maintain security.

Also, companies need to have a suitable customer relationship management or CRM. And AI can help better this area.


Cyberattacks are more rampant today. Many vital company data have been already compromised before. More so today.

This is because more workers are working remotely. So, most of them are working on unsecured personal computers. And they do not have access to the safe network their office brings.

Thus, company data are more exposed to these cyberattacks. So, CIOs need to ensure they give and support their workers to have the right cybersecurity they need.

Last Words

All these concerns are what most of the CIOs are facing today. Good thing is, there are solutions. CIOs only need to be adaptive and listen to the workers and their customers.

With these, they can overcome these concerns and focus on more vital areas of the business.

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