What Are The List Of Tools For Robotic Process Automation?

Tools are part of our everyday life. From our home to our work. Even in RPA, tools are essential. What are the list of tools for robotic process automation?

Of course, we all agree that we need something to help us lessen the load. Or, that something can make things easy. Especially in RPA, tools are that important.

Below, we will list 8 RPA tools to choose from. These tools are randomly selected and come with pros and cons embedded in it.

At the end of this article, hopefully, you can now decide on what tools to have for your company. What are the list of tools for robotic process automation? We will now commence the process.

Inflectra Rapise

First on our list is Inflectra Rapise. It provides support for hybrid business scenarios. Moreover, it helps to automate applications from Mobile, Desktop, and Web.

It is easy for both programmers and non-developers. This tool supports automation projects of any size. Also, it provides an open platform for enhancements and integration

However, this tool a Windows-only platform. For its price, $1,599 for a single developer license, unlimited execution agents. It also includes unlimited support and free upgrades for 1 year from purchase.

Automation Anywhere

Like most tools, it provides all core capabilities. Also, an on-premise tool and offers cloud services.

For banking, it provides Bank-grade security. Besides, it helps in security by authenticating, encrypting, and credentials. Moreover, there are real-time reports and analytics.

However, this tool’s IQBot needs improvement.


First and foremost, it is perfect for all workstation applications and any size front office. It is also an on-premise tool and offers cloud services. Moreover, supporting Citrix.

Furthermore, its attributes include communicating with active applications. And, applications that are minimized. Besides, it works fast and provides reports and analytics.

However, it only supports the Windows operating system.


Kofax is an efficient tool. It can work with any application virtually. If you don’t have coding skills, this is right for you. It is not mandatory to have coding skills.

More so, it is an intelligent tool for monitoring and optimizing processes. It has a central server that manages it. It can process data from any website, desktop application, and portal.

However, it needs to improve the videos about training. Therefore, it may be a bit difficult to learn.


Softomotive has two solutions for robotic process automation.

One is Enterprise Automation and the other is Desktop automation.

Enterprise automation helps increase productivity, performance, and efficiency. Thus, ensuring better enterprises.

On the other hand, desktop automation is for individuals and small teams. It can automate desktop and web-based tasks.

However, it is only supported by the SQL server.


AntWorks RPA is called ANTstein. It can work with any type of data and it supports a code-free environment. It helps develop robots despite no programming and designing processes.

Redwood software

This tool will help you most with repetitive tasks. It will automate those as an RPA tool. The system is easy to use and scalable. Also, it provides robotic processes as a service.


Jacada RPA is for supporting interactions, Contact centers, and customer services.

For customer services, Jacada has taken the best features from RPA and desktop automation. It helps in improving accuracy, customer satisfaction, and productivity.

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