What are the Digital Transformation Key Questions?

Before going into your journey, there are digital transformation key questions to ask. Because the right strategy comes from asking the right questions.

Are you mapping your digital journey from scratch? Or are you revisiting a plan? Whatever the case may be, these questions can help you in starting or continuing your journey.

Keep on reading to know more.

Digital Transformation Key Questions

Key Question 1: Is our Digital Transformation Strategy Still Relevant?

Technology is changing in a rapid way. So, there is no way a digital transformation strategy will remain relevant over the years.

Thus, you need to look at where you are two or three years after using the said strategy. And see if it needs change.

Key Question 2: Is our Current or Planned Strategy Holistic?

It is important to see that your strategy works together. And not only focused on one area that does not make sense with another.

So, make sure you do not do any “random acts of digital.”

Key Question 3: Does our Strategy Align with our Business Priorities?

Remember what your business priorities are. And make sure your strategy enables key business growth in the long run.

But, if you do not keep this in mind, then all initiatives made are only seen as costs. And not investments.

Key Question 4: Is There Anything Holding us Back?

See if there are any old-school thinking holding back your company’s efforts. Or maybe IT metrics? Or even the IT budget cycle?

Key Question 5: How Agile is our Strategy?

When mapping out your digital journey, it is important to think of how will it adapt. Because tech or business disruptions may happen.

So, you need to make sure the strategy is agile and can handle changes. And adaptability is crucial. That is why it is enough to plan for only two to three years without planning beyond that.

Key Question 6: Are we Measuring the Right Areas?

To be successful in your journey, you need to keep track of the value of your initiatives. It can be tracking the rise of your revenue or how much lesser is your operational cost.

Or maybe, see if you have accessed new markets or the rate of your customer retention. this gives you the whole picture of where you are to your strategy as of the moment.

Key Question 7: Are There Any Tech Debts we can Remove?

Technical debt is pricey both in money and in the risks it gives. So, take a close look if you can lessen your tech debts.

Key Question 8: Where is the Network Effect?

A successful digital transformation gives high returns. So make it clear what network effects are possible.

Key Question 9: Where is the Key Data?

Data assets are important for the company’s growth, but not all data is relevant. So, you need to see which ones you need.

These data are then analyzed to be used to aid in your efforts.

Key Question 10: Do People Outside the IT Department Know What is Happening?

To make sure your strategy becomes useful, ensure people outside IT know details. It can be useless if they do not use or like the strategies you’re making.

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