We Don’t Have Sufficient Information To Reset Your Questions

Seeing the message “we don’t have sufficient information to reset your security questions” can be frustrating. Many people experience this. We’ll help you fix that problem.

It is important to remember the answer to your security questions. You may not be able to buy Apps, Books, etc. without answering the questions correctly. Moreover, Apple takes security seriously. For that reason, you need to verify your identity successfully. 

Hence, Apple’s security and verification process is quite tough. That is for users that do not have the right information. 

Resetting Apple Security Questions

Visit iforgot.apple.com if you cannot log in to your account. To reset your security questions, you need to know your password.

Things will get easier if you know your password. You just have to log in and select three security questions. Then, provide the answers. However, things might get tough if you don’t know your password.

  1. Go to iforgot.apple.com
  2. Enter your Apple ID or email 
  3. Hit Continue
  4. You will be asked some questions to verify your identity. Apple highly values security. Thus, they want to make sure that it is you.
  5. Select ‘I Need To Reset Security Questions’
  6. Select your rescue email inbox for a link.
  7. Follow the link then tap “Reset Now” on the new page.
  8. Sign in with your Apple ID again.
  9. You can now select new security questions. Afterward, provide the answers.
  10. Select Update.

However, things will get a bit tricky if you cannot verify your identity. In that case, you may get the error message ‘we don’t have sufficient information to reset your security questions.’

What To Do To “Fix We Don’t Have Sufficient Information To Reset Your Security Questions”

If you failed the authentication process, please go to Apple’s support page. Then, select your region and follow the instructions on the screen. Options vary depending on your region. Furthermore, Apple’s support team can guide you. The company offers live chat support so please utilize that feature.

  1. Tap Forgot Security Questions
  2. Someone from Apple’s support team will contact you. They will verify your identity by asking authenticating questions. If you pass those, the staff will allow you to login again. Otherwise, they may not be able to help you.

Why so? Because even they don’t have access to your account. Apple uses a blind system to help maintain security. The support operator only sees the questions but not the answers.

Nobody does as they are encrypted by the system. You give them the answer. Afterward, they’ll type in the answer. Then, the system will tell them if it is correct or not.

You can request a new Apple ID. However, you’ll lose all your past purchases. 

Account Recovery Status

If you cannot remember the answers, the support team will put your account into an account recovery status. Apple places your account on hold until it can be properly verified. Providing certain information can speed up the process. One example is the credit card they have on file.

Another Tip

Use two-factor verification if you are having a hard time remembering details. Moreover, you can change the security questions if you find those challenging. 

  1. Head over to the Apple ID account page
  2. Navigate to the Security section
  3. Now, click Edit
  4. Lastly, click Change questions

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