VP Information Jobs: Everything You Need To Know

VP Information jobs require both an IT professional’s skills and strong business skills. Because these skills when fused, provide a stable VP of Information. 

The field of Information Technology today is increasing in value. Not to mention the growing complexity of technology advancement. Thus, a person with the said set of skills can be an effective Vice President of IT. 

This article will discuss the following:

  • What does it take to be a Vice President of IT?
  • How much do VP Information jobs pay?
  • What are the career requirements?

The Need

As already mentioned, the field of information technology is continually growing. Both in complexity and advancement. So years will come when each entity will be needing these professionals on board.

Not to mention the influx of cyberattacks. For instance, cyberattacks consistently headline the news more so in this time of the pandemic. So it is expected that the following year, 2021, the needs for IT professionals will be high in demand.

In addition, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics or the BLS reports. The need for more IT managers will increase. That is, in the following years of this digital era.

Thus, with high demand, the competition will be strong. So one who aspires to be in such a position must stand out as unique. 

One can do so by boosting his skills and experience. Moreover, gaining more advanced degrees will also provide an edge.

What Does It Take?

  • VP of IT designs and develops organizational information systems.
  • Also, they are the ones responsible for the implementation.
  • VP of IT manages the development of software applications and infrastructure systems.
  • Direct and manage IT plans, schedules, and policies.
  • Analyzes rising information technologies.
  • Integrates new information technology for the entire organization.
  • Directs and leads development teams.
  • VP of IT is responsible for implementing the IT best practices among the organization.
  • Manage and analyze software and system’s recommendation and research

These are just some of a Vice President of IT’s job duties. Certainly, this is someone off for a tough task. 

Moreover, the VP of IT should have a comfortable office for duty. Usually, his office should be situated near the IT department. So this will allow easy access to communication in between.

Besides, the VP of IT works for the following:

  • Full time working hours (40 hours per week)
  • Overtime for project deadlines are required
  • Travel for conferences
  • Visiting satellite facilities

How Much Does It Pay?

The PayScale.com reports as of December 2010. 

  • VP of IT earns more than $150,000 annually
  • More advanced IT professionals earn more. That is, up to $200,000 per year.

With continuous high demand, these figures should expect to increase in the following years.

Career Requirements

  1. Master’s degree and additional years of experience
  2. Background in the following:
    1. Computer science
    2. Information technology
    3. Software engineering
  3. Most prefer those with business education from the MBA Program. Specifically in Information Technology Management.
    1. IT Management and Innovation
    2. Database Management Technology

Certainly, it takes much to be a Vice President of IT. However, why not use this time of the pandemic to learn and upskill?

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