UTS Cyber Security: Creating Experts of the Future

What are the UTS cyber security courses today? Are you interested in going to this university? Or are you interested in cyber security itself?

Cyber security is a hot issue in today’s world. This is because we are more dependent on technologies and data more than ever.

With the rise of technologies and it fitting in our small pockets, security is our concern. Will we be able to protect our data? Will someone be able to breach and steal our identities?

So, the demand for more cyber security experts is getting higher as time goes by. But today, there is still a skills gap compared to the experts we need versus the experts we have.

That is why more universities today are offering cyber security courses to fill this gap. And one of these is the University of Technology Sydney or UTS.

So, if you are going to university soon and want to become a cyber security expert, this article is for you.

We will see the offers UTS has to help fill the skills gap in cyber security.

UTS Cyber Security Major

In Australian history, there was the largest security breach that happened. It was with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

Four years ago, sensitive data was leaked online. Like blood donors’ names, passwords, IDs, phone numbers, and e-mail ads. Even credit card numbers were exposed.

Thus, as with many other countries, there is also a lack of cyber security experts in Australia. With 62% of companies finding it hard to look for staff with cyber security skills.

So, seeing this gap and the threat to the country’s economic growth, UTS stepped up. As with some Australian universities.

Thus, the UTS is now offering a Major in Cyber Security. This can be taken in master courses on:

  • Master of IT
  • Master of Engineering

Then, this major have these topics among others:

  • cryptography
  • programming
  • IoT-based apps
  • digital forensics
  • security on mobile platforms
  • cloud security

Also, lecturers for this major come from different sectors. Thus, making the course practical and the students ready to face problems in many sectors.

This course will also help them make real-world solutions. And fight the current and future cyber threats and attacks.

Students who want to take this major have two duration to choose from:

  • 1-year full-time
  • 2-years part-time

Intensive Cyber Security Course

Aside from their major courses, UTS also offers an intensive cyber security course. This is under their UTS & Institute of Data, Intensive Courses.

This will give students practical and job-ready skills, tools, and technics. All those needed by industries.

With this course, students can learn practical skills in:

  • security analysis
  • technical risk management
  • incident response
  • working for and with cyber defense teams

Also, this course can teach them:

  • industry-specific technical and interpersonal skills
  • vocational training that employers are looking for
  • tools and technics needed to advance in their career

Those who want to take this course can also choose from two duration:

  • 12-weeks full-time
  • 24-weeks part-time

Then, they will graduate with a cyber security certification. This is after a 400-hour training.

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