UiPath Vs Automation Anywhere: Identifying Key Differences In Features

Robotic process automation (RPA) has grown into a bigger and more lucrative market, and among those top-notch choices is UiPath Vs Automation Anywhere. 

Both RPA tools can deliver the RPA experience that any organization should benefit from. But knowing key differences in between should help each make wise decisions in choosing the best suitable platform according to their needs.

Automation Anywhere (AA)

Today’s one of the most robust and prominent RPA tools is Automation Anywhere or AA. This RPA tool rid off of the complexity of automation by its simple user interface.

How does Automation Anywhere do this?

AA combines conventional RPA. As a result, it can understand natural language and can also read unstructured data. Furthermore, this helps organizations change the way they do business.

In addition, AA has its own control room. In this control room, a user can centrally automate tasks. Not to mention that it is through a web-based management system.

Just like any other automation tool, Automation Anywhere aims to automate processes and tasks that usually performed by humans.

Key Features Of Automation Anywhere

So what are the key features that Automation Anywhere has?

1. Easy Smart Bots

Creating bots is easy with Automation Anywhere. However, although bots creation is simple, these bots can perform even business’ complex tasks.

2. Helpful Insights

An exciting feature of these smart bots is their reporting feature. This helps organizations in furthering the effectiveness of business processes. Smart bots can quickly generate reports, even the most comprehensive ones.

3. Simple

Automation Anywhere does not require coding and programming skills. So you can still get the most out of it even when you are not a tech guru in IT. 

4. High Security 

Automation can risk corporate data, but Automation Anywhere makes sure that users’ data are safe. It is equipped with high-standard security protocols that guide its overall built.


UiPath is another renowned RPA tool that is used to empower businesses and enterprises on a large-scale basis.

Moreover, UiPath is known for its flowchart feature. This further simplifies the delivery of its services. Also, it makes automation much easier by visually helping its users do automation.

Key Features of UiPath

So what are the key benefits of using UiPath?

1. Improves Customer Service

Back office tasks can now be done fast, thanks to the help of UiPath. Since redundant and mundane tasks are taken off human worker’s trays, they can now focus on delivering more crucial tasks. For example, in enhancing customer service.

2. Boosts Productivity

End-to-end business automation will not only burden off employees. But it can also aid in maximizing productivity. Automation can help them achieve more in less time. Not to mention that bots can work tirelessly- 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Even off-office hours, back-office jobs can still go on through automation.

3. Easy Management Feature

A third major tool of UiPath is UiPath Orchestrator. This tool acts as the central management system of the whole RPA tool. Here, users can manage their bots centrally. 

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