UiPath Reviews: Why Users Choose UiPath?

Further, discover UiPath reviews from different users. 

What Is UiPath?

UiPath is an RPA tool specially designed for end-to-end high-scale automation. Also, UiPath can automate even the most complex tasks in an easy interface manner.

About The Company

UiPath RPA tool is under the private UiPath Corporation. This corporation is also a global software company. It mainly designs the RPA platform, the UiPath tool.

Moreover, UiPath is founded by Romanian entrepreneurs. Namely, Daniel Dines and Marius Tirca. Currently, the company houses about 2,800 employees. In addition, the corporation has its headquarters located in New York of the United States since 2005.

About The Products

Moreover, UiPath has 3 main product suite. 

  • UiPath Studio
  • UiPath Robot
  • Lastly, UiPath Orchestrator

These three work well together. For example, consider the process of automation with these three.

  • UiPath Studio- helps users to plan automation tasks. The tool also comes with an easy to use interface, through visual diagrams. Each diagram represents a certain task, for instance.
  • UiPath Robot– after planning for automation, the Robot then executes the task. Thus, the UiPath Robot is where the action or execution takes place. Moreover, UiPath can work with both attended and unattended automation.
  • Uipath Orchestrator– on the other hand, allows users to monitor all the robots and processes. So this serves as your all-in-one monitoring tool. So this is where you can deploy, schedule, monitor, and manage.

UiPath Reviews

Consider how users make the best use of UiPath in leveraging business processes and demands.

“One of the easiest automation for everyone”

Review By: Software Developer in a Miscellaneous Industry

Size of Firm: 50 million- 250 million USD

Details of integration and development:

  • Deployment took 3-6 months since 2019
  • UiPath is used company-wide in his organization

Key factors that made them choose UiPath:

  • Financial/organizational viability
  • Strong user community
  • Robust services expertise
  • Strong consulting partnership

Benefits from using UiPath: 

  • User experienced improved supplier relationships
  • The company also drives better cost management
  • It enhances their decision making
  • UiPath aids in boosting their business process outcomes

“Inside UiPath you will find the world’s most useful tools”

Review By: Process Management Analyst in Manufacturing Industry

Size of Firm: 250 million- 500 million USD

Details of integration and development:

  • Deployment took 0-3 months since 2018
  • UiPath for small teams and individual

Key factors that made them choose UiPath:

  • To improve cost management
  • To enhance business outcomes
  • Also to drive better revenue growth
  • To enhance business process agility
  • Lastly, to create internal operational efficiencies

Benefits from using UiPath:

  • UiPath’s breadth of services
  • Overall cost factor
  • Not to mention its strong services expertise
  • Product functionality and performance

“Brilliant virtual workforce application, best and easy automation software”

Review By: Finance Analyst in a Finance Industry

Size of Firm: 500 million – 1 billion USD

Details of integration and development:

  • Deployment took 3-6 months
  • UiPath is used to work along with a vendor

Key factors that made them choose UiPath:

  • To drive innovation
  • To better decision making
  • Also to improve compliance and risk management

Benefits from using UiPath: 

  • Customer-centric 
  • Also, a robust user community
  • Strong services expertise

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