UI Vision Kantu In 2020: Full Review, Features, And More

UI Vision Kantu has what it takes to bring your cybersecurity to the next level. Check out this post to find out more. 

UI Vision Kantu In 2020: Full Review, Features, And More

Kantu is a platform developed by Ui. Vision for open source automation. Besides, Visual web automation and Selenium IDE++ do combine.

It enables anyone to begin to write Kantu automated visual tests.

  • Drag & Drop, Click, Move, and Drop.

Browser commands to check and confirm website and component layout

Browser window redimensions to emulate different resolutions. This is especially helpful when testing layouts in various browser resolutions.


The recording function is useful for performing essential functions, including clicking and typing. Depending on your preferences, users may choose between the table view or the source view.

Modes of storage

It would be good to set up XModule to use the hard disk storage option to work as a team. It allows team members to easily share macro, CSV, and pictures files by pointing to a familiar location in the home Kantu folder.


Overall, it took me less than planned when Kantu was ready by the developers for a series of prototype macros for new users. Experts may reuse the commands for automating my procedure by passing through the demo macros.

Also, it is easy to set up Kantu. By clicking the Kantu extension icon on their browser, you can launch browser automation. It will be a good starting point for users who have not used any RPA resources in the Kantu browser extension.

It means that the browser extension will not be enough for business users because it only handles simple web browser functions. Thus, users of companies can intend to automate more complex workflows using Kantu’s Desktop Automation tool.

Computer assessments use software independent from the research program to monitor testing and equate real findings with expected results. Moreover, tTested software use for software testing.

Test Automation

Automation testing will simplify routine testing. However, the required tasks are either in place in a formalized testing process or perform other difficult experiments to carry out manually.

For quality distribution and continuous monitoring, test automation is essential.

There are various approaches to automated testing, although the following do frequently used. 

Testing of graphical user interface

A monitoring system that creates events like mouse clicks and keystrokes. Furthermore, it tracks modifications originates from the user interface ensures that the program’s measurable behavior is right.

Checking by API

A test system that uses the application’s programming interface to validate the test actions. Also, the test-oriented API usually bypasses the application user interface.

Public interfaces for classes, modules, or repositories may also be evaluated by different input arguments to verify the returned data.

But several alternative methodologies are also being studied. In some instances, non-technical users can build automatic market test cases in plain English using their model-based approach.

So it is not essential to set up programming of any kind for various operating systems, browsers, and intelligent computers.

When automated, or if automation is essential, automated choices are crucial choices that the team has to make, whether experimenting or creating.

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