Town Of Salem Data Breach: The After-effect

BlankMediaGames confirms that more than 7.6 million are impacted by the infamous incident, the Town of Salem data breach. Well, if you’re one of those players or not, you probably want to know the situation at hand. Let’s sneak into things.

Town Of Salem Data Breach Exposed

Dehashed, a hacked-database search engine, reveals that the popular browser-based role-playing game suffered a data breach.

Moreover, it includes evidence of the server compromise and access to the complete player database.

The total row count of that database is 8,388,894 which includes 7.6 million unique email addresses.

More From The DeHashed Disclosure

The compromise data contains email addresses, usernames,  and IP addresses. Furthermore, it also involves game and forum activity and passwords. As well as payment information. 

It also stated that some premium users are having their billing information data breached as well. But, this has been disputed by BlankMediaGames.

What They Have To Say

Achilles, the name they called a spokesperson, confirms the breach in a Town of Salem game forum.

According to him, “We do not handle money… The third-party payment processors are the ones that handle all of that. We never see your credit card, payment information… We don’t have access to that information.”

What You Get From The Statement

However, the statement confirms that only the Username/hashed password, IP, and email are endangered. So, everything else is just game-related data. 

BMG Advisory

Because of this, users are advised to update their Town of Salem passwords to be safe.

The passwords were not stored in plain text but were hashed. It doesn’t mean weaker passwords are safe, as threat actors can use rainbow tables to decipher common hashed passwords.

In addition, more than two million passwords from the jeopardized database have already been decrypted and are accessible online.

However, these publicly searchable passwords do not have any further information such as linked accounts. Thus, the actual value of them for spiteful objectives is negligible.

What Players Had To Say

Of course, it’s hard for the players.

When they heard about the announcement, they questioned why it took so long.

In fact, DeHashed states that it will send numerous emails in an attempt to inform BMG of the breach. Yet, no confirmation is forthcoming.

The BMG Excuse

“Sorry that this happened” Achilles from BMG stated.

They also said that no game creator wants to be in this situation, and “having it happen over the holiday break when everyone was away was terrible timing.”

Moreover, the excuse also includes that the company only has few employees.

Furthermore, BMG said that they filter emails from DeHashed into a spam folder and so did not get seen.

What Now BMG?

Another BMG spokesperson, by the name of PyromonkeyGG, posted that the company has now identified and fixed one breach.

In collaboration with Rackspace, they are working towards identifying any other potential leaks or vulnerabilities on servers.

As a remedy, BMG expects to send a mass email announcement to all Town of Salem users impacted by the breach.

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