Top Network Security Companies To Watch Out In 2020

Is your organization’s data safe and secured? As technology grows every single day, so are the cyber risks it brings. With that in mind, we compiled some of the top network security companies to watch out for this 2020.

Why Do We Need Network Security Companies

Data protection should be the top priority of businesses in this digital age. Also, businesses must do their best to prevent data breaches. Otherwise, the consequences will surely be bad. Examples are a compromise of sensitive data such as clients’ data, the organization’s transactions, and the employees’ information. 

Furthermore, criminals use the COVID-19 crisis to carry out socially engineered attacks. Some of such attacks are phishing emails through spam campaigns. One more example is targeted attempts such as business email compromise (BEC).

What The Statistics Show

Many businesses nowadays react to the need of investing in cybersecurity, statistics show. One example is Gartner’s latest Information Security and Risk Management forecast. It shows that worldwide spending on information security and risk management will reach $131B in 2020. Furthermore, it is projected that it will increase to $174B in 2022.

We can see from the examples we have discussed and the supporting data that it is really important to protect your business’ data. There are tons of network security companies out there. With that in mind, we compiled some of the best network security companies.


Absolute serves as an example of cyber resilience, visibility, and control. Even more, it is embedded in over half a billion devices. Absolute has 12,000 customers. This company enables its customers with self-healing endpoint security. Also, this company makes their customers always connected to their own devices, data, users, and applications.

Fidelis Cybersecurity

One of Fidelis’ remarkable projects was mapping applications for a bank. They have offices around the world. Maryland, USA houses their main headquarters. Fidelis started in 2002. Now, they have over 200 employees. They specialize in cybersecurity and IT strategy consulting services. 


Mimecast delivers email protection. As a result, thousands of large and small organizations are now protected from malicious activity, human error, and technology failure. One more good thing about this company is they invest in essential capabilities in its solutions.

Transmit Security

This firm specializes in managing identity across applications while maintaining security and usability. Furthermore, this is a great help for businesses since online authentication has become less effective over the years. 


This firm is located in Ukraine. Besides, they have a second office in New York. Founded in 2016, UnderDefense has now 28 specialists dedicated to providing cybersecurity services. Furthermore, one notable project that they performed is for a cryptocurrency company. UnderDefense tested vulnerable spots and immediately fixed it.


OSIBeyond started in 2004 at Rockville, Md. The firm has now more than 20 employees. Cybersecurity is the main service they provide. Yet, they also provide IT managed services and cloud consulting services. Moreover, they have many small and midmarket nonprofits as clients. Additionally, OSIBeyond also serves business service organizations.


Two IT professionals run LogicalTrust in Wroclaw, Poland. They founded LogicalTrust in 2007. This firm works with small, mid-market, and enterprise companies in the financial services, business services, and IT industries. 

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