Top IT Security Firms You’ll Need In 2021

The global cybersecurity industry keeps on growing rapidly over the past few years. And so are the risks. Check out these top IT security firms to help you protect your business.

Why Do We Need IT Security Firms

Statisticians estimated that by 2020, 200 billion devices and objects could be communicating with each other via IoT. Indeed, technology made our lives easier. However, the increasing reliance on technology gave hackers more chances in attacking. In fact, experts estimate that cybercrime damages will reach $6 trillion by 2021.

It’s safe to say then that cybersecurity is more important than ever. Fortunately, there’s plenty of IT security firms out there to help you. These firms specialize in eliminating cyber threats. Moreover, these firms enable their clients to focus more on offense rather than defense.

Netmotion Software

Located in Seattle, Washington, this firm specializes in the software industry. They optimize traffic to help businesses improve business-critical applications. Moreover, Netmotion also offers mobile performance management. That is to improve the company’s networks and mobile devices.

The firm’s software gives its clients greater visibility into mobile fleets. They also enable their clients to take control of their networks. Netmotion gives these and other benefits without the challenges that usually come with mobile work


Radware is a global leader in cybersecurity. They provide excellent solutions for physical, cloud, and software data centers. Moreover, Radware provides IT protection to all cybersecurity aspects of the company. They currently serve more than 12,500 businesses and carrier customers worldwide.


The company houses in Boulder, Colorado. One of its services includes combining people and IT automation. They support end-to-end threat detection. Furthermore, LogRhythm provides security analytics. This speeds up the process of identifying and eliminating threats. It includes even those in the cloud.


This firm specializes in mobile, identity management, and Paas. TeleSign houses in Marina Del Rey, California. This firm uses real-time access to user analytics and other factors. Moreover, the firm’s platform pinpoints and eliminates fake accounts. Furthermore, they install two-factor authentication to improve security.

Moreover, TeleSign guards against account takeover and aims in reducing transaction fraud. The firm’s platform also sends customer alerts and notifications.

BitSight Technologies

This firm specializes in risk management. BitSight uses advanced algorithms in analyzing an organization’s security incidents and practices. These algorithms quantify risks with assigned ratings ranging from 250 to 900. BitSight’s cybersecurity tools include:

  • Reporting and intelligence
  • Portfolio analytics and management
  • Third-party collaboration


This firm works with the U.S. government in providing cybersecurity. Furthermore, this firm develops stronger apps. Mitre combines classic methods with new cyber threat intel. This method results in a quicker response.


This firm provides mobile security. It mitigates attacks and stops them altogether. Furthermore, LookOut’s platform provides real-time access to mobile data. As result, investigations solve quicker.


This firm specializes in the software industry. Symantec houses at Mountain View, California. Symantec works with organizations around the world. Moreover, the firm works with a variety of industries. They do that to provide many security solutions. Those include cloud and endpoint security. Also, network and email defense.

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