Digital Transformation Success Stories: Overview 2020

Recognizing why you need it, is the cornerstone to a successful digital revolution. Here are some of the digital transformation success stories.


Progress is often an advancement regardless of transition. So, motivation can be seen in the great achievements of other firms. 

Usually, the following firms are not called technological firms. 

Thus, technology has proven effective in growing their consumer service. 

Top Digital Transformation Success Stories:


With customized email promotions Sephora started the process of digitalization. Thus, this is my review of the obtained results. 

Also, you see into the past of buying individuals. Thus, Sephora has been able to deliver personalized deals and coupons. 

So, a promising modern strategy. Also, the subject line is 80 percent greater than standard email promotions. 

Sephora has created its own program. So, clients with enhanced truth. 

Also, you can now add make-up ingredients virtually. Combining the two without any clutter or loss involved. 

Moreover, the software also provides a robotic retail agent leveraging machine learning. So, it recommends the best individual goods. 


Shoes and maquillage are very distinct. Since a smartphone app was also built through Nike’s Digital Innovation plan. 

Also, the software will do used by users on their tablets. So, you could scan your feet. 

Moreover, the app extracts information from the test. Thus, test it, and chart all feet. 

So, the app suggests then the foot size to match as best as possible. Hence, it makes life a lot easier as the client tries sneakers. 


In their market, Toymaker Hasbro has undeniably had growth. Also, The toys must cater to kids. It was a reality. 

But the buying isn’t done by men. Thus, it had to make adjustments.

Moreover, digital age-appropriate changes. So, cloud migration came as a result of evaluating consumer records. 

Thus, looking at the relatives who ordered their items more closely. So, you have been able to adapt your marketing to your new clients. 


Usually, Domino’s clients are older. So, it’s thousands of gen Z. 

Thus, there are virtual indigenous centuries. So, that would like support and details to be available everywhere. 

The base of Domino has does build, called Anything Anywhere. Hence, it brings into account a wide array of electronic systems. 

Computer, smart TV, smartphone, handset? Also, you will eat pizza if you have internet connectivity. 

Thus, the app will test the pizza created and supplied by the consumer. Since it enables them to survive until they hit it. 

Domino is a far more convenient way to navigate your resources with ease. In fact, 50 percent of its purchases have exceeded its target.

Hence, your consumer implies more effective advertising resources. So, Domino understands that customers always want a pizza.

So, they urge the audience to prepare recipes for pie. Thus, it then links them with social networks. 

Digital Evolution: Are You Ready?

Will digitalization need your firm? So, whatever resources you offer, the firm will boost. 

Since just with the best response and emphasis. Thus, many of the digitalization will have to does outsource. 

But more significant is the outcome is worth the cost.

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