Top Data Cybersecurity Breaches 2019

Data cybersecurity breaches 2019 is also significantly noteworthy in number. Do you know that by the end of 2019, almost 8 billion consumer records were reported? Not to mention the several mega hacks that expose hundreds of millions of data.

So, this article will report the biggest data cybersecurity breaches in 2019. As well as the lessons we can learn from these.

Quest Diagnostics Data Breach

Quest Diagnostics is a lab-testing company. However, in early June of 2019, it discovered a data breach. Furthermore, this breach has affected its billing and collections vendor. Of which is the American Medical Collection Agency.

The breach was very wide in scope, that it contains almost 12 million personal information of customers. In addition, this includes medical and financial information. Financial information further includes their social security numbers, bank account credentials, and medical information too.

Moreover, the AMCA hack then also affected LabCorp. As a result, only weeks after the announcement of the breach. The company filed for bankruptcy. That is because of more than 7 million data of consumers involved.

Thus, both LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics dropped AMCA after the breach. Not to mention the Conduent and CareCentrix.

The Houzz Data Breach

Houzz is a home design website. But it was then attacked by a data breach. Further exposing millions of their customer’s usernames and passwords.

The breach was then brought into awareness by December 2018. Moreover, the company did not further give many details about the breach. So it remains to be vague. But, a report by the ITRC said that more than 48 million accounts were exposed.

Yet, the company announced that no financial information was compromised. So they successfully handled the breach.

Capital One Data Breach

By late July 2019, Capitol One reports a data breach. The report further states that it involves more than 100 million credit card applications since 2005. Moreover, this includes 100 million American records. And the Canadian’s 6 million records too.

These records include the customer’s personal information. All ranging from their names, addresses, zip codes, and email addresses. Not to mention their bank numbers and social security numbers.

Dubsmash Data Breach

Dubsmash is a video messaging application on mobiles. However, in February 2019 it reports a data breach. This breach involves almost 162 million user’s accounts.

This breach contains user’s holder names, email addresses, and hashed passwords. Moreover, these hashed passwords are protected by encryption. So cracks should be enabled prior to using them.

In addition, the breach started before 2019, that is in December 2018. But the data was then for sale on the Dark Web by February 2019.

Zynga Data Breach

Zynga is a mobile game producer.  It then produces the games ‘Draw Something’ and ‘Words with Friends’.

However, these two games were hacked by the month of September 2019. This data breach involves nearly 218 million customers. In addition, data exposed were usernames, email addresses, log-in IDs, and phone numbers.

Also, these 218 million customers are the ones who installed the app. Both in the iOS and Android Versions.

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