Top Cybersecurity Solution Providers That You Must Look At

Cybersecurity Solution Providers could both give you a better insight or service to your security platform. Check out this post to find out more. 

Top Cybersecurity Solution Providers That You Must Look At


CrowdStrike did found in 2011. The reason for the company to exist is there is not enough security to battle advanced hackers. In comparison, these hackers infiltrated some of the biggest and most famous companies in the world.

Co-founders George Kurtz and Dmitri Alperovitch betted that it would be a more effective way to locate those responsible behind the assaults to marry advanced intelligence security. And it paid off the gamble.

CrowdStrike is a pioneering cybersecurity firm currently based in the United States, Europe, and India. He operates with nearly 2,000 workers and covers ADP, Rackspace, and Hyatt.

Twelve out of the twenty world’s most prominent Fortune businesses, ten of the twenty largest financial institutions, and five of the top ten healthcare providers. It is also a leading oil sector cybersecurity supplier.

CrowdStrike CEO Kurtz widely respected cybersecurity pioneer in the area of strategic entrepreneurship. Besides, before setting CrowdStrike with Alperovitch, it has executive positions in McAfee.


For years, Gigamon has maintained its role as a leading digital software and utility network. It also leads to its visibility and research pioneer. 

They have enhanced their position in the cybersecurity environment with their unwavering sense of urgency.

In 80 percent of Fortune 100 businesses, it supports digital products and services. It does it through physical, virtual, and cloud networks.

The California-based corporation has concentrated on improving companies.

It also allows them to work successfully, to remain healthy, and to innovate. As the industry’s first safety forum, its unique visibility fabricTM and GigaSECURE ® technologies appreciate it.

It also provides more effective networks for government and service providers.

Gigamon expanded the solution portfolio of Application Intelligence. The company does it with the watchful eye of CEO Paul Hooper in 2019. 

Thus, this architecture provides a digital organization full network exposure. 

Also, it gives insights into more than 3000 apps.

Gigamon has been one of the most trustworthy network security solutions in the industry since its introduction in 2004.


Founded back in 2000, Fortinet’s mission has long been to deliver security products and services. They do it across the entire information technology infrastructure. 

The company develops cybersecurity software. These include firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion detection and protection, and endpoint security.

To meet that end, it relies on its Security Processors. Moreover, it is a security-focused operating system and applied threat intelligence.

This intelligence gives customers enhanced security. And better visibility into where threats are coming from.

FortiGate is its flagship firewall platform that provides next-generation security and networking functionality.

Fortinet task with protecting company networks, clouds, web applications, and emails. It also offers advanced threat protection, secure unified access, and endpoint security.

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