Top Courses To Gain Project Management Certification

Project Management Certification is no doubt the best thing you can have as a project manager. Check out this post to find out more. 

Top Courses To Gain Project Management Certification

You should consider seeking formal training in project management if you are in a similar situation. A right certification for project management can improve your credibility.

It also improves your ability for successful and timely project delivery. You will gain a better basis in project management and learn how to use resources more effectively.

However, you cannot efficiently complete shortlist courses with your work.


Alison has over 1,000 online courses available as a free learning platform. It offers methods for certificates, diploma courses, and other learning routes accessible from anywhere.

Alison’s project management diploma is useful for professionals who start managing projects. It also applies to those who work as project managers already.

Brain Sensei

Sensei Brain is an e-learning company offering specialized PMP examination preparation. It is also an intense project management courses. 

The platform is a registered provider of PMI education.

The complete PMP Exam Prep course of Brain Sensei is suitable for experienced business professionals. It is for people who wish to pursue their careers as project managers.

Coursera: Applied Project Management Certificate

Coursera provides courses from universities and businesses worldwide online. Students may register and access pre-registered lecture videos.

These include self-assignment tasks and forums for community discussion. The courses are open to all for four to six weeks.

For project managers with between three to five years of experience, Coursera Applied Project Management Certificate course. The course enables them to go beyond the basics.

It is to learn the art of application project management.

The program prepares students for the clarification of the PMP exam.

Under this program, the modules offered cover several subjects.

These include project selection and planning and stakeholder planning. In addition, an operational structure should implement, and effective communications plans created.

Students are also familiar with the fundamentals of portfolio management, program management. 

It includes techniques for managing Scrum and Agile projects.

Master of Project Academy: Bundled course

Master of Project Academy is an e-learning firm with over 500,000 registrations worldwide. The Microsoft project and the PMP exams offer special training.

It offers individual PMP coaching and individual and group courses in IT and business. Moreover, Students supply simulators, books, and flashcards for tests.

For aspiring project managers, the consolidated project management course is appropriate. Furthermore, it includes experienced project managers who want to upgrade their expertise.

Project Management Institute: Project Management Basics

The Project Management Institute for the project and program managers is a non-profit association. Moreover, the organization promotes membership worldwide.

It offers PMP certification for project management professionals that do recognize around the world. Also, the Project Management Knowledge Body (PMBOK) does also supervise by PMI.

It is an online course for professionals wishing to accredit them as project managers. 

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