Top Cloud Security Companies You Don’t Want To Miss

Now, most organizations are stirring their resources to Cloud technology. As a result, top cloud security companies ensure that they can provide awareness and defense on security.

Let’s Go To The Clouds

Many cloud security solutions are emerging out day by day. What is cloud security?

To make it simple, it protects cloud data or information from hacking, deletion, or leakage.

Moreover, cloud security is part of network security. Furthermore, it is composed of applications, firewalls, VPN’s controls, software that helps protect cloud data.

Of course, those who offer cloud security services are called Cloud Security Solutions and Services.

But, between the lines of cloud computing comes a hefty price. Benefits also come with security concerns.

Cloud Security Products

When examining cloud security products, it’s important to understand the different categories of solutions. Thus, it helps your organization to reduce risk and improve security. Among them are:

  • Cloud access security brokers (CASB)
  • Software-defined compute (SDC) security
  • Cloud workload protection platforms

Let’s now move on to some of the top tier companies when it comes to cloud security.

Cloud Passage

It has a CloudPassage’s Halo platform. Meaning, it is a cloud workload protection platform.  Also, It is suitable for all sorts of organization sizes.

  • It offers automated security visibility and compliance monitoring. The good thing is that it runs in any on-premises, public cloud, or hybrid cloud ecosystem.
  • File integrity monitoring, software vulnerability assessment, and log-based intrusion detection.


Mostly, FireEye is known for incident response and investigation excellence. But, in recent years, FireEye is expanding into cloud security. Thus, providing cloud server protection services against threats.

  • It has virtual network security that enables organizations to get full visibility into traffic in detail.
  • With its Helix data analytics platform, it can produce threat analytics. Thus, benefits from incident response expertise.


It is a cloud workload protection and compliance solution. Also, readjusted for organizations looking for a visual approach to cloud security.

  • The Polygraph feature provides a visual representation of relationships across account roles, workloads, and APIs. This is to deliver a better context.
  • Lacework provides monitoring of cloud workloads, for both compliances as well as security concerns.
  • It also has a workload invasion detection capability. It helps degrade risks


McAfee has a broad set of cloud security capabilities, including CASB, data loss prevention (DLP), and threat prevention.

  • Amazon Detective partners with McAfee’s MVISION cloud
  • Strong data loss prevention skill
  • It has a policy control that stretches across cloud sources
  • Cloud security risk understanding


The Qualys cloud platform has many modules. These modules enable different facets of cloud security.  Modules include compliance, vulnerability scanning, and cloud workload protection.

  • It has its own Web Application Scanning module. It provides automatic scanning for web apps. As a result, it detects and ranks security weaknesses
  • Moreover, compliance is highlighted. The PCI-DSS compliance module scans all devices to identify compliance status.
  • Compliance is also about best practices. As a fact, Qualys created the Policy Compliance module. It enables automated security configuration assessments across on-premises and cloud assets.

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