Top 5 Digital Transformation Online Courses

The term “digital transformation” has become broad. These digital transformation online courses will help you understand that term.

Digital transformation is defined as the integration of technology into all areas of a business. Moreover, it changes everything from how a business operates down to its culture. The term ‘digital transformation’ is so broad that it confuses many people.

In fact, CIOs face challenges and pressures implementing this. Companies aim for a digital advantage. CIOs make sure to keep critical processes. Additionally, they keep the technology current.

Surprisingly, many organizations still lack the knowledge to go digital. However, using the best use of technology will help businesses be successful in going digital. How? By taking digital transformation online courses. Many websites offer free/paid courses. We have compiled the top 5 digital transformation online courses in this article.

Digital Transformation (Online)

UC Berkley designed this course particularly for senior or mid-level managers. This course will help you develop a strategy to lead your organization through massive disruption. Moreover, this course helps leaders to address specific organizational problems. As result, the leaders will see that digital solutions can be optimal.

Moreover, this course will help you solidify concepts via case studies. The course requires a capstone project at completion. The project will address you to a real-world challenge.

Furthermore, the course lasts for 2 months, 4-6 hours/week. 

Digital Transformation Course by Boston Consulting Group

You can find this course on Coursera. This course by BCG helps leaders understand the relevance of digital transformation. Furthermore, this course helps leaders do that. This course will also teach you what it takes to be successful at this age.

One of the course’s highlights is using BCG’s framework to digitize the organization. Moreover, this course guarantees that you’ll be familiar with the core processes, strategies, and technologies.

The course lasts for 19 hours.

MIT Management Executive Education

This course by MIT will help you learn the fundamentals. It also helps learners understand why platforms beat products. Moreover, the course shows how to make your business a platform. Moreover, the course allows you to work with real-life ideas.

Also, you will learn in this course how to address barriers. Those are the barriers businesses encounter when organizing themselves. That is to become platform firms. Moreover, this course teaches recovery strategies in declining platform markets.

This course lasts for 2 months, 2-4 hours/week. 

Indian School of Business (Coursera)

This course enables learners to see an overview of IT-related changes. Furthermore, this course teaches how to create value from those changes. Also, this course covers the competition and business models.

By the end of the course, you will be able to figure out the impact of IT on innovation. This course will also improve your decision making resulting in revenue growth.

This course by the Indian School of Business lasts for 26 hours, 5 hours per week.

Digital Transformation: 5 Game-Changing Technologies

Imperial College Business School professionals created this course. This course focuses on five game-changing technologies. As a result, it can help your business transform on a large scale. 

This course lasts for 9 weeks, 4-6 hours/week.

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