Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats- Workplace Risks

There are top 10 cybersecurity threats that exist in the workplace. The threats and vulnerabilities are rising in number. This is because of the company’s lack of ability to secure their networks.

Cybersecurity Facts

  • Cybercrime is considered to hit the second place as the most reported crime.
  • Also, cybercrime affects more than 30% of today’s entities. Businesses of all sizes and sorts, for instance.
  • Attacks are more launched using the internet.
  • Moreover, these attacks are growing in sophistication and kind. That’s why safety measures can not fully catch up.

Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats

Below is a list of cybersecurity threats and risks that your company should be wary of.

Negligence to Care For Cyberhealth

‘Negligence’ is basically the best cause of an attack. Obvious vulnerabilities are one of the causes. CybercriminalsIn fact, cybercriminals use no more than a dozen ways to exploit accounts.

Thus, always make sure to update your systems. This is one easy way to optimize protection.

Lack Of Cyberattack Discernment

Companies tend not to fully understand their vulnerability scope. For instance, most fully don’t comprehend the probability. In addition, the cost it can incur in case of an attack.

Cybersecurity Policy

Security should not only for the Fortune 500 companies. This is something companies of all sizes should understand.

Certainly, every business should be security conscious. And the proper implementation of cybersecurity policies levels up protection. 

Compliance Versus Cybersecurity

Also, employees should understand that mere compliance with laws equals security. In a sense this is true, but more is needed. So both ways are beneficial.

Privilege Abuse

People are one of the biggest factors in attacks. For instance, privilege abuse is common. Thus, be careful who gains access. Also, monitor their access for instance.

Own Device For Work

Amidst the pandemic, remote works are getting more common. Thus, opening more gateways for attacks.

Lack of Budget For Protection

A notion that cybersecurity is costly. This is all but wrong. 

Think of cybersecurity as your company’s immune system. Thus, bettering prevention today saves you much of dollars tomorrow.

Never think of it as costly. But rather think of it as an investment.

Lack Of Training

Human errors are often caused by ignorance, and lack of discernment. Thus, this exposes more loopholes for attacks.

Thus, make sure to provide proper training and awareness for everybody. Because a single naivety could lead to an enterprise breakdown. 

During the pandemic, there are cybersecurity webinars. Thus, why not make use of these?

No Recovery Plan

Being complacent is just too near with deception. Never be confident with your security. 

As part of your cybersecurity measures, ensure to develop your recovery plan. Moreover, this should ensure business continuity.

Recurring Risks

Learn from your mistakes. This should be something every company should constantly learn. 

There are cases when a former threat upgrades into a more sophisticated kind. As a result, this causes software harder to detect these threats.


Thus, never be too complacent with your security measures. Try having a checklist, and ensure to always catch up with them. 

Moreover, always remember that cybersecurity is an investment. Not a cost.

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