The Roles Of An Information Security Manager

Security is one of the most important aspects of any business. And the job of an information security manager is to ensure that your computer system is protected from any attacks. So read this post to learn more about their roles.

What’s An Information Security Manager?

An information security manager is a position responsible for protecting an organization’s computers, networks, and data against computer viruses and security breaches, as well as malicious hacker attacks. This is very important because there might be disruption to the system. Confidential information can be lost. They may also lose revenue and face fines. Thus it is very important to focus on their security measures.

Their Job Description

This position takes responsibility for overseeing and controlling all aspects of computer security in a business. Planning and carrying out security measures is included to protect a business’s data and information from cyberattacks, unauthorized access, corruption, and theft. These are the threats that Information Security Manager commonly faces:

  • Denial of service attacks. Overloads the system with useless data and brought to a standstill
  • Hacking or unauthorized access to a computer system
  • Phishing. Lures the users into giving their confidential details
  • Viruses, spyware, worms, and Trojans
  • The abuse of permissions granted to authorized system users
  • Pharming. Redirects the user to fake websites after hacking genuine websites.

Specific Work Of An Information Security Manager

  • Assess the risks to computer systems and planning to minimize possible threats
  • Upgrade existing security systems or designing new ones
  • Test security products and evaluation
  • Simulate security breaches to test procedures
  • Make plans for disaster recovery in case of breach
  • Carry out corrective actions in the event of a breach
  • Look for weak points in the system and secure them
  • Ensures to meet the international and national network security standards.
  • Prepare technical documentation and reports for users and managers.

Senior-level managers are also expected to be responsible for training and supervising staff. Also for working closely with operations managers on the overall security strategy of the business. Information security managers also explain security risks. This includes the need for using strong passwords. And protecting data when using mobile devices outside the office. Also, employees and managers are typically given different levels of access to company data. And basing on seniority and job function.

Role Development

A person with an information security position needs to have deep IT skills. He could take up a position after gaining experience in related IT jobs. Also, a new manager may start in a relatively small business. He could apply the knowledge he gained about security. And Apply them to the system. While a more experienced manager could deal with larger businesses. He may deal with more complex computer systems, and start to manage a team of experts.

What Is An Information Security Manager Workplace Be Like?

The majority of the work full time in an office setting. They also oversee an in-house team. Some of them also supervise workers who telecommute. The nature of their work requires continued work until they solve the problem. Thus, they often work overtime hours is.

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