The Future of CIO in the Post-Pandemic Era

How To Prepare For Potential Setbacks and Offer Useful Strategies That Can Be Used Before, During, And After An Epidemic or Pandemic

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    It is well known that the emergence of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on society. This impact manifests itself in many ways: from economic downturn to increased mortality rates. But what about the effect that these pandemics have on our most valuable resource–the people who power society? What is the future of CIOs in this post-pandemic era?

    This book will discuss the state of CIOs throughout the world and provide insight into what it means to lead an organization during a pandemic. It will also cover how to prepare for potential setbacks and offer useful strategies that can be used before, during, and after an epidemic or pandemic.

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      Table of content:

      Chapter 1: The Changes In CIO
      What is a CIO in the New Era?
      Expanding Its Capabilities
      CIO New Roles In Next Normal Era
      The IT Stars
      Customer-centric IT
      Being a Better Manager
      Clear Productivity Measures
      Management and Leadership Training
      Invest in Employees

      Chapter 2: New Challenges in the Role
      CIO Challenges In The Next Normal Era
      Managing Data Protection
      Finding and retaining talent with modern skills
      Adopting New Technology Trends Faster (Microservices, AI, IoT)
      Vectors of a holistic transformation
      Reimagine the role of technology in the organization
      Reinvent technology delivery

      Chapter 3: AI and CIOs
      How is AI Changing the Role of the CIO?
      The fundamentals of artificial intelligence
      Examples of possible applications
      Overcome the AI challenges

      Chapter 4: The Future For CIOs
      New Importance
      CIOs are no longer entirely responsible for an organization’s IT management.
      The CIO’s Changing Role
      New Decisions
      CIO New Practices for the Future
      Speak finance
      Be A Pioneer
      Shape the Workplace Culture

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