The Digital Transformation Questions To Ask

What are the top digital transformation questions to ask? Every organization is different in many ways. Each of them also has unique capabilities. But digital transformation journey is not quite simple.

So, there are good reasons to ask yourself some questions. And these questions will help you lead an effective and positive change.

Common Digital Transformation Questions To Ask

“Where Are Key Decisions Made In My Organization?”

Usually, people can’t answer that question. Some people are responsible for the decisions. But, examining how they reach those decisions shows how the organization works.

“What Do My Colleagues Need To Do Differently?”

We find it easier to tell others what they need to do. But, real change starts from our own learning.

The focus of digital transformation is all about its new skills. As well as integrating technology. So, what should you do?

Well, encourage people to take responsibility for their learning. Especially about what’s best for them. Allow them to focus their efforts on outcomes as well. Doing that shows that you trust their instincts.

“What Do I Need To Do Differently?”

Senior leaders create the right conditions for success. And leadership creates a learning environment. As a result, people in the organization also learn.

Additionally, the world keeps moving fast and is complex. So leaders must show interest in learning to help the organization to keep up. Moreover, learning is not just a one-time process. Rather, it’s an on-going process.

“What Holds People Back At Your Organization?”

Often, people think of organizations as being like machines. But that’s not how things work definitely. Well, the organization should be a set of social relationships.

Thus, consider your impact on your colleagues. Consider also what might get in the way of them. So, the way people relate to each other is very important.

“How Does Your Organization Respond To What It Learns?

Uncertainty, problems, and complexity are making life more difficult. But it’s also vital for creating a learning environment.

Additionally, encourage transparency about failures and successes. Why? Because it will help you identify where to apply the needed attention.

“How Will You Implement Collaborative Efforts?” And “Which Specific Actions Are Worth For Testing?”

Collaboration is a good idea. But implementing it is another thing. So what can you do?

  • Recognize what you can do within your limit and start testing some ideas.
  • Next, invite someone to give you their input.
  • Sit on another team’s planning session and do some small experiments.

“How Does Communication Flow Through The Organization?”

Dialogues and conversations allow changing of opinions, as well as provoking of thoughts. Additionally, it encourages new behaviors.

But the most valuable have meaningful intent behind them. So, communication involves a lot of listening. Thus, focus your attention on finding the information you need. After all, it’s more effective to ‘listen for’ than to ‘listen to’.


These were just some of the digital transformation questions to ask. So feel free to consider these questions and the likes before you embark on your journey towards digital transformation.

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