The Digital Transformation Project: CIO Responsibility

A digital transformation project requires strong determination and a courage. Because it is a long journey to work out but how will you do it?

The Digital Transformation Projects: What Should You Include?

A bright digital transformation project includes the following

  • radically rethinking business models
  • how the processes
  • rather than repairing with and improving traditional methods.

Digital transformation should produce something new. Something, that can be an enhancement to customer experience.

An example is the

  • allowing customer self-service
  • streamlining the supply chain
  • using insights from data to offer new products.

However, this artistic requirement continues hard to ask for business leaders. Because most large groups do not have a major problem in creating new ideas.

But many firms lose when it comes to performing fresh business models. Also, turning good ideas into organizational goals.

The hollow between innovation and execution helps explain “Why agitation is often seen as the preserve of clever startups?”

Digital Transformation Project: Who Will Be Responsible?

No other than but the Chief Information Officer or CIO. The CIO is responsible for any organizational project.

He is also responsible for where the organization’s directions. Also, research says that only 27% of the CEO is responsible for digital transformation, but 40% in CIO.

What Is The Role Of CIO?

So what is the role of the CIO? Why he/she should be the one responsible for the digital transformation project?

CIOs are leading the major duty of accelerating technological change. The role is vital.

Because more companies are directing on using digital channel applications on making customer interaction. In other terms, CIOs are managing the global digital show.

So those who are not fully equipped to take the challenge to transform their business processes. They will always bring a risk of becoming an ordinary player in their business.

How some CIOs make proposals towards digital transformation?

Initiating The Executive Level

The change should not be limited to any specific department only. Moreover, it should be a procedure, which includes everyone inside your company.

It is difficult if your employees are not mentally ready. Moreover, it is a result if you did not train them enough to accept the transformations.

Also, when the time that you need to start making a cultural shift, problems may arise especially in your employees.


CIOs should be very keen in observing the possible risk. Also, he/she must be ready to have a solution to any problem that possibly occurs.

Moreover, he/she must think about being the driver that will lead everyone to their destination. That how CIO must think.

Risk Taker

In industry, the CIO must have to learn how to take risks. He/She needs to know how to gamble but in the right way with the right strategy.

Moreover, he/she should consistently keep an eye on the process. As a driver, that has his/her focus on the road.

And one more thing, he/she must be the one to influence others on how they will accept the changes. That crucial is the part of the CIO.

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