The Digital Transformation In 2020

Digital transformation has become bandied within in the industry over the years. So how will you benefit from adopting digital transformation?

Digital Transformation: Its Definition

Digital transformation is the method of using digital technologies to build the following,

  • Business rules
  • Culture
  • Customer Experience

Moreover, it transforms traditional roles like marketing, sales, and services. Transferring from paper to spreadsheet and now to smart applications to manage your business.

This is to reinterpret the way we do the business. Also, how we deal with our customers with digital technology on our advantages.

Well, it’s the 21st century. We use technologies more often.

However, we might ask. How do we know that something is undergoing digital transformation?

Here are some fundamental components that we may help us notice the transformation.

  1. The rebuilding in processes
  2. Overhaul in relationships with your customers, and
  3. The rebuilding of operations.

This is based on Hinchcliffe’s ideas.

Let us tackle more about these three fundamentals components of Hinchcliffe.

Rebuilding In Process

Maybe before, your business relies on processing with paper, pen, or filing cabinets. And we all know how hassle is that.

Imagine yourself looking for a file that a year ago or even just a month. Imagine those piles you need to go through to find the specific document.

I think it’s like a disaster, especially if the document is urgently needed. However, now you are more on using computers and technologies.

Sending emails. Saving files. You use a system where you can encode all the important documents.

Also, you use the scanners to turn it into softcopies. Then you can easily compile the important documents to its designated filing folder.

Furthermore, here are another example. The latest electronic data exchange.

You can easily transact with your client or partners. For example, you can easily send the purchase order then it sends to your clients as PO. 

Therefore, in these changes, you transform how you process. From full of a paper document to paperless. 

Rebuilding The Operations

So the other part of digital transformation is a deep and vital change in operations. 

The latest and greatest technologies now create your products. 

However, it doesn’t count as digital transformation. It needs to have shifted in how you carry out your operations. 

So here are another example using the Electronic data interchange. From the supplier to you as a buyer.

If your supplier can’t ship your order. Then there is a solution where you are transferred to another supplier.

Therefore, you could continue with your transaction with your products.

Rebuilding The Customer Experience

In the transformation of your process and operations, any changes can be visible. However, in rebuilding the customer experience it is less noticeable.

 However, digital transformation has surely had its effectiveness. Well, from the rebuilding process and operations you have a lot of advantages.

Let have an example,

  • The food companies who implements the digital transformation. They can immediately and easily check the quality of the product. Also, they can easily take the measures that are needed. 

Therefore, customers experience the right service for them. If you have a lot of time to serve them. 

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