The Digital Transformation And Its Impact

Digital transformation and its impact might sound scary. But let’s think about how we already entrusted our lives to digital platforms. Almost everything nowadays involves the use of the internet.

We used to hang out with friends online. We keep in touch with our families and loved ones. Also, people now use the internet to buy groceries and find employment.

Even large and small businesses today adopt technologies and digital processes. So let’s take a closer look at digital transformation and its impact on the social and economic world.

Digital Transformation And Its Impact To Social And Business Industry

Digital transformation is a combination of technology across all business areas. As a result, it changes the operation and adds value to customers.This strategy includes the mobile functionality of the company. As well as network usage, cloud computing, and gathering and analyzing data.

Consider the following impacts.

Better Communication

At first, the digital transformation made company-customer relations worse.It’s because new technologies offered new ways. And also add complexity to products and services.Thus, it’s hard to get in touch with companies. But things got better later.Speaking of customer service – chatbots, live streaming, social media, and forums – completely changed the game.Besides, companies now have decentralized workplaces. Think about cloud services as well as fax machines. Whether across town or the globe.

Thanks to these new ways to stay in touch. Companies can now think more globally and draw talents from a broader environment.

Contributes Higher Standard For Business And Everybody Else

Do you think technology is something that dehumanizes us? Well, in recent days and weeks, society has been rocked by high-profile layoffs.We heard of departures and exiles of CEOs and managers. Or even employees and citizens behaving badly on the internet or in front of a camera.

But in business communities, digital technologies have raised the standards. For example, we see standards for things like workplace conditions and conduct.

Also, standards for hiring and advancement, social inclusivity, and ethical product sourcing.Another benefit is that consumers can have too much information and choices to put up. So they now have the freedom to choose a competitor.And not choose morally questionable brands, products, and companies any longer.

As far as all are concerned, we’re all encouraged to hold to higher standards. And also, to become accountable for unnoticed problems in business and society without raising an alarm.

Benefits For The Supply Chain Globally

There are many supply chains in the world. These bring necessities, household, and consumer products or building materials. Even everything that makes civilized life possible.
Businesses involved in the supply chain find digital transformation useful. It‘s proven during manufacturing and processing down to shipping the products.

Other Benefits Of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation also contributes to the following:

  • Decreased operating costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction


A specific supply chain, team, action, or decision is now guided by real-time data archived and organized by employees. Also, customer expectations have become more achieved.

Therefore as technology advances, the relationship between brands and consumers optimizes and improves.

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