The Asian Paints Digital Transformation Journey

What can you say about the Asian Paints Digital Transformation journey? This company is an example of those who adopt digital technology in their business. Read this post to learn more.

The Company

Asian Paints is a company in India that reinvents itself every generation. This company was the largest manufacturer of paint in India during the 1970s-1980s.

But the early 2000s when they expanded their product from paint to decorative coating. The company found its next big act in the B2C painting services. Together with its Ezycolour Consultancy for offering color and décor to customers.

And that marked them from being a product company to a services company.

Asian Paints Digital Transformation

The History

They Began In 1942. At first, it was a partnership of four friends. And that time, they started a business in a garage in Mumbai.

They mixed paints to sell to neighbors. Then, they started to unite with many small paint dealerships.

Since then, they have grown quickly. Until today Asian Paints is the leading paint manufacturer in India. Furthermore, their company is the third-largest paint company in Asia.

Today, Asian Paints has more than 40,000 dealers. And also, they distribute their products to more than 60 countries.

They are also the world’s leading producers of home and industrial coatings. This is because they early adopt digital business strategies.

The Asian Paints’ Way To Digital Transformation

In the early 2000s when Asian Paints began to move to digital transformation. They turned to SAP for digital solutions.

These included enterprise resource planning, customer resource management, and supplier communication. Also, it aids business intelligence tasks including data mining.

The company adopted the SAP HANA platform. Because they realized that their data increased and the analysis became more complicated.

SAP HANA makes the process of sharing information, analyzing data, and handling transactions more simple. Thus, resulting in a high-performance integration of digital tools.

Well, most people are on the run these days. And to make lives simple, they look for a higher level of service from retailers. Also, the use of smartphones and tablets is increasing. And people even use them to buy food.

Because of this Asian Paints wanted to understand its customers. Thus, decided that it needed rapid, reliable digital networking that’s easy to use for all its end users.

Digitizing Choice in Colour Idea Stores

Customers who visit Asian Paints Colour Idea stores do not carry a can of paint. Rather, they only gather ideas and place orders through corporate call centers. The company then arranges for a home delivery service.

They have design displays and free consultations with color specialists. Moreover, customers can use tablets and a digital app to add color to their home photos.

Also, customers can digitally apply different Asian Paints to the image on a computer screen. Then they will save the combinations they like. The color preview solution is also available online at the Asian Paints website.

Data from these interactions gives the company ideas about customer preferences for future promotions. Also, it helps Asian Paints anticipate changes in product demand.

The data also helps sales associates at the company fulfillment center provide immediate information about product availability and delivery dates.

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