The Armor Games Data Breach: A Security Issue

Armor Games data breach. The Armor Games data breach affected millions of people. Well, how did this security issue happen?

What is a data breach?

A data breach is intentional or accidental. It is a release of secure or confidential information to an untrusted setting.

Data breaches may involve financial information. It includes

  • credit card or bank details
  • personal health
  • personal identity
  • business secrets of companies
  • intellectual-property

Most data breaches involve overexposed files. It includes documents and sensitive information. Moreover, data breaches can be quite expensive to businesses.

It will cost remediation, investigation, and so forth. So is the cost of reputational damages. The company also provides cybersecurity to victims of endangered data.

A Glance of Armor Games

Armor Games is a game portal website. It offers a free online flash game publisher. 

The original developer uploads and maintains each game. Also, some include unlockable player successes. 

In recent years, Armor Games has begun supporting HTML5 titles. Users can chat with the site and create online profiles.

Armor Games is the brand behind famous games such as:

  • Kingdom Rush
  • Gemcraft
  • Dawn of the Dragons

Exposing Armor Games data breach

On March 3, Armor Games revealed that they had a data breach in 2019. Reports say that the database sold on the Dream Market.

Dream Market is an online darknet market. It allows online users to browse without noticing them. They are secured and go freely.

This marketplace sold different content. Some are drugs, stolen data, and fake goods. 

It also has forums. Where buyers, vendors, and other members of the community could interact.

On January 29, 2019, a security group informed them about a possible breach of users’ data. They started an investigation. They found out that this breach is real and happened around January 1, 2019.

This breach affects 16 companies. But, Armor Games is holding less than 2% of the total accounts affected. 

Now, there is no proof that there is a misuse of data. They are taking steps to prevent it.

The database affected users’ information. Like:

  • public profiles
  • login data 
  • birthdays of admin accounts
  • information about their password protection processes

Armor Games data breach: what users may expect and do?

They tell users to renew their passwords. Hence, using unique, creative passwords. Also, avoid reusing passwords across websites.

Users should change passwords if they are reusing them on other services. It includes other gaming programs.

On their part, they make changes to strengthen security. It also aims to fix any weaknesses found in password protection methods.

They also add measures to protect users from misuse of this information on its site. Armor Games have begun reporting authorities and will support law requirements. 

Hence, users also have the right to request to access or delete their data at any time. The Armor Games sincerely apologize.

They caused inconvenience and worry about this incident. Moreover, Armor Games remains committed to secure the personal information in its care. 

Thus, they will notify users of any improvements. They will continue to work out to be the best place to play free web games online.

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