Winautomation Free Guide in The Next Normal

Winautomation is another great automation tool that boosts the automation process. Fortunately, this post explains it all.

What is Winautomation?

Winautomation is a Windows automation software that consists of two parts:

Client: This part is installed on the computer where the actions are to perform.

Server: This runs on your local machine or in the cloud. This server receives instructions from the client and performs tasks on its behalf.

How does Winautomation work?

The client, installed on the computer to be automated, receives instructions from the server, which tells it what to do. The client performs all the actions/tasks and sends a report back to the server. The server receives this report and processes it accordingly. This process is shown in the following diagram.

Please note that, unlike other automation tools, Winautomation also supports auditing and reporting. This can be a great advantage if you want to keep track of your work at regular intervals. Here’s how you can get started with this tool:

Installing and configuring Winautomation

Step 1 – Downloading Winautomation

Winautomation has an official website that gives you access to both free and commercial versions of its software. Before you start downloading, make sure that .NET Framework 4 Client Profile installe on your computer.

If it installs already, then install it by clicking here. Once .NET Framework 4 Client Profile has been downloaded and installed properly, you can download Winautomation by clicking here or visiting the official website at

Step 2 – Installing Winautomation

When you run the setup file, you will see a screen like below:

Click the ‘Next’ button for installation steps as shown below image:

Step 3 – Creating a new project.

Once the installation has been completed, you can see the ‘WinAutomation’ window on your desktop:

You have several options here to create a project: Create New Project option, Import Project option, or Add Project Folder option as shown below:

Let’s select Add Project Folder option because I already have few folders on my computer and would like to import them into the tool project after performing some cleanup tasks (in my example, I am using files from ‘C:\Users\Ashish\Documents\Wintomation.

‘ folder). The following image shows the ‘Add Project Folder’ screen:

Step 4 – Adding your project folders into Winautomation.

Clicking the OK button will take you to the ‘Project Explorer’ screen. You can see all the subfolders and files in your project that you have selected in the above step. Now it’s time to add each of these folders into the automation tool:

Right-click on any folder and select the ‘Add to Project’ option as shown below. You will see a small window appearing on the top of your screen:

Select the ‘Add’ option here to add a folder into the tool. Once you click Add, you will see a window that shows how many files are present in your selected folder that you want to add into Winautomation. 

Select the Continue button when you are ready, and all the folders and files in your selected folder will be added to Winautomation. You can go ahead and add all the required folders now into Winautomation using this same method. 

Step 5 – Removing unnecessary files from the WinAutomation project. 

Now we have our project added with few folders into the program. Still, these folders have a lot of unnecessary files (i.e., files which we don’t want to get automated) so let’s clean them up now by removing unnecessary files from each folder: Right-click on any file or folder and select the Remove option as shown below:

Once removed, you will see a message saying ‘File/Folder removed successfully’ as shown below:

Repeat the above steps for each folder/file that you want to remove from your project.


Automation Tool Comparison: Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere

Winautomation and Automation Anywhere are both great tools. There are several great automation tools out there, and we’ve tried most of them.

I’m sharing my thoughts on Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere below.

I think it’s wrong to compare the two tools like a typical marketing article comparing “who’s better” between Google and Bing.

Honestly, both tools are great at doing what they do. The difference is in how they solve the problem. So I recommend you try both and see which one fits your needs better.

Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere Pricing Comparison

This is where Winautomation has the advantage. Winautomation offers a free plan as well as paid plans – that are quite affordable. The free plan gives you unlimited tests, but only one test per minute (which is still plenty for most users). Plus, the free account comes with a pre-built library of web automation scripts that you can use right away. You can upgrade to higher plans if you need more than the free plan offers.

Automation Anywhere does not offer a free tier, but their pricing scales from $49/month and up. If you start with Automation, expect to pay $99/month if you want to do more than just basic automation tests (e.g., in-app navigation testing). 

Like Winautomation, Automation Anywhere also comes with a pre-built library of web automation scripts that can be used right away. However, their library is not as big as this tool, so it may take longer for you to come up with similar workflows.

Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere Features Comparison

Both tools have some unique features that I like, so I’m going to list some of them here:

Winautomation: Accessibility Testing

 This feature allows you to test your page or website for accessibility issues such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, and alt text, among others. Many people know that these things are important but often forget about them when building their Web apps or websites. This feature has been very handy when doing accessibility testing on browser-based Web apps and websites we’ve built over the years.

Page Object Model (POM): Both of these automation tools do use by big Fortune 500 companies. 

The most notable difference is that Winautomation uses Selenium WebDriver while Automation Anywhere uses its proprietary script engine. Both of these tools have an impressive array of features and capabilities. Some of the major differences between these two tools are:


  • FREE trial
  • Cloud-based tool (so you can use it from anywhere)
  • Selenium WebDriver script support
  • Supports many different programming languages (Python, Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, etc.)

Automation Anywhere:

  • FREE trial

On-premise tool (if you want to use it inside your network)

A proprietary script engine provides a universal language for all automation tasks. It helps with portability and makes moving scripts between different environments easier. 

You don’t need to worry about having a different version of Selenium WebDriver for each browser.

Since it’s proprietary, you can’t use it in open source tools that use Selenium WebDriver. But since everyone using Automation Anywhere is using that script engine, it makes sharing scripts much easier than if each person or team were using their copy of Selenium WebDriver.


Automation Guide With Winautomation Javascript

Winautomation Javascript gives you a boost in your automation process by giving you more function and freedom. It allows you to create and manage your plugins to handle any automation process. 

Winautomation in The Next Normal

The fact that it buys by a big company such as Winautomation makes it a great addition to the amazing Winautomation platform.

Once you have created your plugin, you can add it to your script and run it. You can even drag and drop the plugin into a specified slot in your hand. It will allow you to add multiple plugins in just one script, giving you more control over the commands that run.

These plugins will give you access to many new functions. Also, it can be of great help when it comes to scripts that use a lot of resources such as memory and processor

Winautomation Javascript

Like Python, Javascript is an object-oriented programming language, which means that your scripts will be easier to develop and manage. Also, it happens while giving you more freedom to create functions for automation tasks.

A lot of people who are not familiar with Javascript may have some difficulties in understanding this language. Still, once they get the hang of it, they will be able to do things that would be impossible with just Python alone

This is one of the reasons why we decided to include it on our list of the best Winautomation features for your automated processes.

These are just some of the features that we thought are worth mentioning about this amazing platform. There are still a lot more things that we didn’t mention, such as Winautomation API, multi-language support, etc. 

We hope that these features will make all your automation processes easier while also allowing you to use other programs to automate your system with fewer problems than before.

Mouse JS

Mouse JS is a multi-platform open-source (GPL) JavaScript library for controlling the mouse. It designs to be small, fast, and robust. It has no dependencies and does cause from any JavaScript-enabled environment: Web browsers, nodejs, Rhino, etc.

The mouse did develop by Jari Komppa and release under the GPL license.

A free dynamic web-based automation software for human-computer interaction via mouse and keyboard commands

It generates an image of a user interface which can then be used by a robot or other device controlled via a browser. The software allows you to create test scenarios without programming or scripting required using a simple point and click interface.

Companies in various industries use this software, including automotive, financial services, and manufacturing, with many applications, including testing new product functionality, user experience evaluation, and checking websites available from all supported devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Winautomation Javascript: Dynamic Web-based Automation

Dynamic Web-based Automation software for human-computer interaction via mouse and keyboard commands on multiple platforms such as Windows, MacOSX, Linux, etc. It generates an image of the application under test, which uses a robot or other device controlled via a browser. 

The software allows you to create test scenarios without programming or scripting required using a simple point-and-click interface. It has built-in modules for data validation, browser automation, i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, etc.

This software uses by companies in various industries, including automotive, financial services, and manufacturing, with many applications. These include testing new product functionality, user experience evaluation, and checking websites.


WinAutomation vs UiPath: Which One Wins?

WinAutomation vs UiPath. Which one of these RPA tools is better to use? 

If you are looking for the best RPA tool, then this is the article for you.

So, keep on reading to know more.


What is WinAutomation?

WinAutomation is an advanced RPA tool by Softomotive. It is one of the pioneers of RPA. It offers many solutions for businesses of all sizes. Like data entry and more.

Also, it lets you automate tasks on both desktop and web-based apps. Then, it can run on a Windows OS. As for features, it has something called the Software Robot Designer.

With this, you have the freedom to create data that can process both the drag and drop function.

Also, it can handle data. Which lets you manage and take out data in menus using tabs and windows.

Then, it also has the Marco Recorder. With this, you can record and keep track of mouse and keypad movements. Then, it will make it into a process.

Benefits and Pricing

There are many benefits to using WinAutomation. Here are some of them:

  • Automate any windows-based task you want. With this, you can better your production. Because it can automate many repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Like data transfer, data entry, business process, and more.
  • Easy to build for anyone. WinAutomation lets you automate any computer task with the easiest environment. Also, you can learn this tool even without being an expert in programming. 

They offer a 30-day free trial. Also, they have other plans based on your needs. You only need to contact them to see the plan.


What is UiPath?

UiPath is the leading RPA tool today. Many companies make use of this. Also, they offer software for different size of a company. 

If you rely on a lot of human workforces, then this is great for you. Further, it lets you adopt many robots. Thus, saving you a lot of time from mundane tasks.

Further, you can train its robots. Meaning, it can learn the more you feed it with more information. Thus, making them more accurate in the next tasks.

Benefits and Pricing

There are many perks in using UiPath. Here are some of them:

  • Advanced feature. As the leading RPA vendor, UiPath offers more advanced features. Also, they offer the latest RPA processes. Also, it offers flexible tools no matter how complex your processes are.
  • Enhanced collaboration. UiPath tools are designed to help your workers to collaborate much better. Also, it gives them reports on the company’s progress and better insights.

UiPath also offers a free trial that you can avail. But for other plans that will suit your needs, you can contact them.

WinAutomation vs UiPath

So, which one wins? It still all depends on your company’s needs. If you need an easier to use one, you can use WinAutomation. If you need a tool for more complex ones, go for UiPath.

For your other automation needs, you can seek the help of WalkMe. They are the leading digital adoption platform today.


WinAutomation: The Pioneer of Robotic Process Automation

WinAutomation is one of the pioneers of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This tool is easy to use and is a great value for money.

Companies today are using RPA tools to ease up their back-office processes. With this, they can save a lot of time. So that they can use it to give better and faster value to customers.

And one of the most known tools out there is WinAutomation. Keep reading and know more.


One of the pioneers of RPA is Softomotive. The one behind WinAutomation. They paved the way into the market way back in 2005.

With this, their target is individuals and small teams. After 11 years, they rolled out ProcessRobot. And RPA tool for enterprises.

As per one study, WinAutomation is one of the top three RPA tools in the market. That is why, today, around 7,000 companies trust the brand and use it.

And it can be higher as many companies are not listed. Also, this tool is open source.

As of last year, Microsoft acquired Softomotive. Thus, making WinAutomation under them.

Also, for many, there are many benefits to using WinAutomation. For one, it has a standalone desktop app. 

Further, it is very easy to use. Companies have the option to use first the WinAutomation. Then, integrate the workflows to ProcessRobot later on.

Thus, making it great because lots of companies prefer to start small with their RPA journey.

If you want to try this out, you can download this on your desktop. They offer a free 30-day trial so that you can try out and see if they are a good fit for you.

This tool has many interesting features. What are some of these?

WinAutomation Interesting Features

Triggers and Schedules

WinAutomation lets you run automatic processes. You only need to use the triggers and schedules.

Some of this may include triggering a process once you receive a certain kind of e-mail. So, the best part of this is the triggers only happen when an event criterion is met.

Secure Screen

Yes, security is vital today. And that is also true in RPA. So, WInAutomation has an interesting feature to address this.

The secure screen is helpful when there is an unattended process running. When turned on, the screen turns blue when the process is running.

Thus, protecting the data from prying eyes. Perfect for any sensitive processes like payroll automation.


This feature has a similar concept with workers multitasking. With this, it lets you do lots of processes at the same time. 

Thus, making this tool better than others where work is done by sequence. As a result, it saves you more time and makes it worth your money.

Try This Tool

So, are you on your way to digital adoption? If so, you can go ahead and try this tool. But want to get more guidance, you can try and get the help of third-parties like WalkMe.

They are the leading digital adoption platform today. So, go ahead and ace that journey.