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Compare RPA Tools 2021: Choose What Your Business Needs

This article helps you compare RPA tools in 2021. Gaining a balanced knowledge of each available tool is vital. This should better help you invest in what your business truly needs.

The Purpose Of RPA Tools

RPA or what we know as robotic process automation works best with tools. With RPA, businesses can work as an expert with its tasks and processes. No matter how complex these may be. 

Besides, RPA tools can work on their own. This lessens human intervention among tasks. Thus, lightens the load among employees. Also, streamlines business processes and operations.

The purpose of RPA tools is to simplify the complexity of automation. Not to mention that there are RPA tools for non-developers. This can help beginners escape from codes and scripting languages. Besides, this also eases the load even for RPA experts.

Compare RPA Tools: Top 3 Leading In The Market

According to Forrester Wave, the following are the top RPA tools in the market. Namely, Automation Anywhere (AA), Blue Prism, and UiPath.

1. Automation Anywhere

Within the scope of the United States, Automation Anywhere (AA) tops the market share. Moreover, this RPA tool runs on Windows systems.

How does it work?

Automation Anywhere can record the job process a user wants to automate. This process takes place within AA’s task editor. After that, this tool will then generate a script. This script will then serve as the guide for the automation of tasks.

However, Automation Anywhere is script-based. This makes this RPA tool work more complex than others. 

2. Blue Prism

Blue Prism is United Kingdom’s pride. This RPA tool starts its automation services in 2001. In addition, Blue Prism can support a wide range of fields.

Moreover, Blue Prism stands out with its Control Room feature. The Control Room allows its users to easily manage and control their saved automation. Not to mention that it has a scheduling feature. Which makes it simpler to manage and dependable.

However, most users face dashboard issues. Blue Prism’s dashboard links with other tools. Namely, Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik. Thus, MS SQL Server is a requirement.

3. UiPath

On the other hand, UiPath is an RPA tool from a Romanian company. But now, this tool also serves the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  Their global influence has greatly increased their RPA reputation.

UiPath features its three major tools. First, is its Studio. UiPath’s Studio is where the recording of automation takes place. Not to mention how this Studi contains templates for business records. Next, is its Robot. The Robot does the automation. Lastly, the Orchestrator. UiPath’s Orchestrator is where the user can manage and control automated tasks.

Most users love UiPath for its easy user navigation. UiPath does not use scripting languages. Rather, it has a drag and drop feature instead.

WalkMe Can Help You Choose

Whether you are new to digital adoption or not. WalkMe can help you thrive with digital adoption. This digital adoption platform are serving global enterprises with their digital transformation initiatives. 

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RPA Automation 2020- Full Guide & Introduction

RPA Automation makes repetitive tasks easier with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Also, machine learning capabilities aids in handling these tasks that are supposed to be for humans.

Tasks range from records maintenance, queries, or even calculations. Any seemingly trivial but repetitive tasks can now be done with RPA.

What Bots Can Do?

Bots or ‘software robots’ consists of RPA technology. These bots can work in place of humans. For instance, they can encode, and calculate data. And they can log in and log out from applications too.

There are three kinds of bots, namely, chatbots, knowbots, and probots.

  • Chatbots- they serve like your customer service or your virtual agents. These bots can respond to queries in real-time. This helps with a fast response system. Thus, increasing customer satisfaction experience.
  • Knowbots- on the other hand, is responsible for ‘know-ing’. They do search and gather data. Next, they can store these data in your preferred storage or format.
  • Probots- lastly, probots do repetitive tasks. These bots follow simple processes of data or tasks.

Benefits Of Integrating RPA Technology

How will RPA Automation technology benefit the business?

You may come to think of its time efficiency in tasks. Also, it provides more work quality. However, there are reasons why a business should advance with RPA.

Here are some of the why’s you should be considering:

  • Chatbots can enhance how you deliver customer service. Real-time responses keep your customers intact on your website. It can make them feel welcome with your business being responsive.
  • Another feature is its compliance feature. Having bots operate can help the business stick with policies. Thus, this helps with business compliance. Both in internal and state policies.
  • RPA Automation is cost-effective too. You can save paying for manual labor. Plus, bots operate with no human errors. This aids in more work efficiency.
  • Also, RPA helps the business gain more productivity. Employees can then focus on more important duties. Rather than taking care of these trivial, and repetitive tasks.

RPA Functionality

Accounting Services

RPA automation can also aid the business with general accounting. As mentioned, bots can import and calculate data. 

Also, RPA can serve with operational accounting, budgeting, and transactional reporting. Plus, these reports can be done in real-time.

Health Care Services

Handling patient records and support can be a very tedious task. Thus, RPA can help you with this. Aside from this, bots can also do account management. Not to mention, bots can take care of billing, reporting, analysis concerns.

Financial Services

Foreign exchange payments can also be done by bots. Also, bots can manage audit requests. And, do process insurance claims.

Human Resources 

Moreover, RPA can handle onboarding and offboarding of employees. Also, they can automate data encoding. Thus, these bots can also update your employees’ information quickly. Also, with timesheet submissions.

Overall, RPA Automation aids a lot in a business’s growth and profitability. However, not all initial RPA processes are successful. It has been reported that about 30-50% of initial RPA projects fail. But with further adjustments, bots can truly benefit your business.

Business Analyst

Introduction To RPA Consulting Companies: Robotic Process

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is a state-of-the-art innovation that can use human activity. Read more to understand the RPA Consulting Companies listed.


The RPA uses the modified UI (User Interface) to test and track operation. You’re never going to go wrong with this method. 

Also, the sector carries out the latest analysis. The economic advisers find that RPA has greater expertise during this study. 

This serves to decrease the time-consuming and recurring operation. So, this will boost the job in an exceptional way. 

RPA Consulting Companies: Robotic Process

RPA can increase productivity and have concise details. So, it can also provide finance details real-time access. 

Thus, this is beside the potential for research and records. The sum would rise because of the presence of large technology.

So, this innovation will also allow fund managers to contribute more. Thus, continue to incorporate core beliefs over the tactical perspective

The Top RPA Companies Consultancy List: 

Automation Anywhere (Dubai, India, and the USA)

Where you would like to recruit U.S. RPA firms. For the greatest expertise of automatic business processes. 

Thus, well you can use machines wherever you want. It’s because folks working today are serious, despite delay you will do it. 

They have made every effort to fulfill your key needs. So, this firm has absolute network security that is well regulated. 

RPA defense and a lot else wants to fix leadership. Also, the most user-friendly product you can encounter here. 

Moreover, they will then work and adopt the existing method. But this is depending on the project process. 

Employees: 1000 to 5000 

Established: 2003 

KRYON (Israel, Singapore, and the USA)

You would then take the mechanism of robotic automation into account. A devoted team can do find here. 

Who is the right response to consumer requirements? So, this consultancy company is operating 24/7 for RPA. 

Thus, you wish, you may notify them. Also, the firms provide leading-edge technologies such as direct launch. 

RPA, analytics, and exploration of systems. 

• Employees: 50 to 200

• Founded: 2008

Happiest Minds (India)

The main emphasis is on incorporating new innovations. This firms. Also, developing a specific approach. 

IT staff help with traditional methods. Thus, the mechanization identification mechanism in the latest way. 

They are eligible to function on all kinds of AI in the autonomous process. It’s very safe and perfect in all kinds of circumstances. 

• Employees: 1000 to 5000

• Founded: 2011

Conoid (India and USA)

In India and the United States, this firm does know as the leading RPA consultancy firm. Also, they have an excellent RPA approach. 

They help you build the best program and carry out the mission without any mistakes. This is with innovative capabilities.

• Employees: 50 to 200

• Founded: 2011

Lekan (Finland and Sweden)

When you’re using the obtained knowledge in a specific method, Lekab is here. In a brief period, you will get fast execution operation. 

Thus, the program communicates with the code of any kind such as ERP systems. Also, the unacknowledged method can do streamline. 

Moreover, such that technology holes do fill. Thus, it has 11 to 50 personnel and was founded in 1994.