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ProcessRobot vs WinAutomation: What Are The Differences?

ProcessRobot vs WinAutomation- both are leading RPA tools existing within the RPA market. But which is which?

What Is ProcessRobot RPA?

ProcessRobot is an RPA tool under Softomotive, which is now under the Microsoft Corporation. ProcessRobot is another leading enterprise in the RPA industry. It also implements enterprise-grade security and controls, for instance. Not to mention that it links to the best of today’s AI technologies. 

This tool suits low code business automation processes. Not to mention that It is an affordable yet robust RPA tool.

ProcessRobot helps organizations reduce their operational costs. While it highly improves efficiency with its tasks. It also increases the level of productivity in employees. As a result, it accelerates business performance and levels up customer service experience.

Why users choose ProcessRobot?

  • To drive innovation within the organization
  • Better deal with cost management
  • Solve internal and operational inefficiencies
  • Enhance revenues

What Is WinAutomation RPA?

WinAutomation is another RPA tool by Softomotive. This is another robust yet easy tool deployment. It is a Windows-based software tool that can help its users build software robots. 

Software robots can automate both web-based and desktop tasks. More particularly manual, rule-based, and repetitive tasks. 

The WinAutomation software tool comes in three various editions. Namely, the basic edition, the professional edition, and the professional plus edition.

Various Editions Of WinAutomation RPA

  • Basic Edition- offers only the basic features. For instance, basic actions and basic triggers.
  • Professional Edition- more features are available in the professional edition. Autologin, error handling, robot compiler, secure screen feature, and maximum running time, for instance.
  • Professional Plus Edition- the Professional Plus Edition offers more features than the Profession Edition

Why users choose WinAutomation?

ProcessRobot vs WinAutomation: Know The Difference

See the comparison of tools below. This comparison should help users better decide which tool to invest in.




  • In need of better support for custom components building
  • The recording of processes still needs more enhancements. For example, to add more AI and precision discovery paths.
  • More features in need like in UiPath and Automation Anywhere
  • The robots also need to better develop resilience after errors



  • Quick deployment of smaller automation processes
  • Has competitive pricing amidst the Romanian market
  • Very easy to use
  • Has a code three platform. As a result, it eases the creation of custom animations in documents.
  • Capability to integrate across different systems
  • You can also run multiple automation at the same time
  • Technical support is highly commendable


  • The older version is not that user-friendly
  • More detailed training is needed. For instance, users ask for more examples of the functions’ capabilities. In addition, processes should also be explained more.
  • The tool needs for advanced AI capability
  • It is a challenge to deal with OCR functionality
  • The need to improve its performance with Angular websites
Digital Adoption Digital Transformation RPA

Comparison Of RPA Tools: Your Major List Of RPA Tools 2021

Discover the comparison of RPA tools in this post. So here you will uncover the major list of available tools ruling the 2021 RPA market.

The Increasing RPA Demand

While digital transformation consistently emerging comes the increasing demands of the RPA software tools.


In every organization, there surely are many tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming. Data entry, generating reports and answering queries, for instance. 

Besides, will you not agree that the more we do a task repetitively, the more we are prone to errors? 

You probably will agree. Because we don’t always have the good days of good concentration. This factor surely increases the level of unproductivity in employees.

But robots act otherwise. Since they are programmed by design, they cannot get tired of providing accurate reports. 

In line with this, RPA technology emerges in the digital era. RPA does the job of human workers seamlessly, with faster-generating results. Moreover, this results in better customer engagement and raising satisfaction value.

Comparison Of RPA Tools 2021

But the RPA market is also highly competitive. For instance. you have lots of options to choose from. So determining the ‘best vendor’ is vital in driving the right choice.

To help you choose right, here is a list of RPA tools.

1. Another Monday

  • Offers a 30-day trial
  • Is also usable in smart process tracking
  • Has a drag & drop cognitive automation
  • Partners with PwC and KPMG

2. AntWorks

  • Its collaboration tool provides the Bot Cloning feature
  • Partners with CyberArk and Vincix

3. Automation Edge

  • Also offers a 30-day free trial
  • It has a drag & drop technology and cognitive features

4. Automation Anywhere

  • Also has a free edition: Community Edition
  • Drag & drop feature
  • Provides an AI-augmented RPA
  • Partners with Ernst & Young and Cognizant

5. Blue Prism

  • Offers a 30-day free trial
  • Has a drag & drop feature
  • Best for enterprise automation
  • Partners with Capgemini and Accenture

6. Contextor

  • Pay-per-use: pricing is per block of a thousand (1,000) transactions per month 
  • Enables cloud deployment
  • Also has a visual designer in Bots Creation

7. Jacada

  • Can automation desktop tasks
  • High accuracy in its processes
  • Partners with and DirecTV

8. Kofax

  • Offers FREE trial
  • Has a uniform design environment
  • Can also provide built-in analytics
  • Partners with BMW & Dominos

9. Kyron Systems

  • Comes with a FREE trial
  • Can provide strong analytics
  • High deployment efficiency
  • Partners with PwC and EY

10. NICE Systems

  • Also offers a 30-day trial
  • Partners with Accenture and Cognizant

11. Pega Automation

  • Also offers a 30-day trial
  • Known for its Visual Designer Studio
  • Partners with Accenture and Capgemini

12. Redwood Software

  • Offers a 30-day free trial
  • Partners with Heineken and Airbus

13. UiPath

  • Has a FREE edition: Community Edition
  • Annual pricing for the Studio License ranges between $2,000 to $3,000
  • Known for its easy drag and drop feature
  • Easy to use Visual Designer Studio

14. Visual Cron

  • Offers a 45-day free trial
  • Pricing costs per server
  • Best as integration and task scheduling tool

15. Work Fusion

  • Offers 30-day trial
  • Pricing is per process
  • Has a drag and drop builder also
  • Offers machine learning capabilities
  • Partners with the Bank of America and PNC

RPA For Dummies: What Does RPA Stand For In Technology?

What Does RPA Stand For In Technology is the most common question that most ask. Check out this post to find out more.

RPA For Dummies: What Does RPA Stand For In Technology?

The advantages of robotic automation (RPA) over conventional automation systems do compound. It requires cost savings and money to free with a low technological hurdle.

Increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and fewer mistakes improved compliance with legislation and quicker service. And increased satisfaction with consumers.

A summary of market and digital change robot process automation. Automation of the robotic mechanism or RPA creates and uses robotics and bots of software.

It automates rules-based and recurring mundane activities done by people in workflow and process implementations and operations, often legacy systems.

The automation of robotic systems emulates the human output of routine applications.

It does achieve the use for the capturing and documentation of these applications in software robot systems. The encoding, processing, triggering, reacting, and interacting transactions between various digitals.

The software does define by robotic process automation. It helps to robotically identify processes and functions, which are ideal for RPA and the strategic design approach.

Also, the RPA script, macros, and algorithms did use.

Manual input controls can replicate by robots. It enables Robotic Process Automation to work. Besides, information staff typically use their mouse or keyboard, for example.

The Power Of RPA

At the heart of robotic process automation, the way humans execute repeating processes in an application will then duplicate. The scripts, macros, algorithms, and inventions do use to simplify these routine tasks.

The replication did focus on interactions between the user-interface. Moreover, it is which discusses how people use the particular application and has an interface to use to begin the ‘automated task.

The Journey To RPA

Robotic process automation is about machines, process automation, logic, and the convergence in a modern world. Moreover, it has a digital process solution with other innovations that we are tackling.

The automation of robotic processes does indeed more than technology. It simplies techniques and measures are important. However, most people interested in the integration of particular aspects of artificial intelligence.

It is also an step in smart process automation. Robot process automation uses current user interfaces as opposed to conventional automation systems.

Smart process automation is the road to process automation that uses artificial intelligence as much as possible. Moreover, it known as intelligence.

RPA has much to do with bots, such as chatbots, among others. And with applications like robotic, as you could know from financial technology robot consultants.

The aspect replicates what the user does and hence also has its origins in screen scrapping for the RPA visual user interface. Note that until the robot prime for deployment.

The automation of robot processes is now increasing, and companies can now hit a large scale around the industry.

Robotic process automation and AI

In robotic process automation, the back office level and artificial intelligence function best in unstructured data. It is for the front office level. But the requirements for AI and RPA convergence before switching to smart process automation are strong.

Professionals in the financial services industry consider robot process automation one of the most relevant emerging innovations. Moreover, it is a tool to simplify compliance, save workers time, reduce mistakes, and enhance the customer experience.


RPA In The Next Normal: What Is An RPA platform?

Top questions like What Is An RPA platform need to address immediately if you want to succeed in the Next Normal. Check out this post to find out more. 

RPA In The Next Normal: What Is An RPA platform?

Robotic Process Automation is the technology for configuring computer software or a “robot” today. Besides, it is important to simulate and embed human experiences within digital networks to implement business processes.

RPA robots use the user interface to gather and control data as human beings do. They translate, cause replies, and speak to other programs.

It also has a wide range of routine jobs to do.

Just slightly better: the robot for RPA software is never resting and does nothing.

Unlike other conventional IT strategies, RPA helps businesses automate a fraction of their prior costs and hours. RPA is therefore non-intrusive and depends on current networks to guarantee the underlying processes are not interrupted.

It will also be impossible and expensive to substitute. RP A is no longer an operational expense but an automation by-product of cost reduction and compliance.

How does the Robotic Process Automation work?

RPA robots can emulate many, if not all, human acts. Furthermore, you log in, transfer files and directories, copy and paste data, fill out forms, extract structured, semi-structured text data, scrape-browsers, and more.

  • Implement fast, achieve ROI fast

A European HR service provider processed 2500 sick leave certificates per month, averaging 4 minutes per product. In three weeks, an RPA approach did apply, and 90% of process automation did achieve.

The RPA robot collects data from an SAP transaction, integrates, and prints data in customer applications. Within six months, the HR service provider achieved a return on investment.

It also decreases the error rates to 0 percent, reduces the manual effort to 5 percent, and reduces production time by 80 percent.

  • Reduce effort in the back office 

A multinational retailer used the shop closing records in hundreds of stores to verify each register’s closing details. The employees of the store generated these reports by a manual and slower process.

The shop liberated its workers by automating the operation and is now focused on customer-centric processes. The RPA robots directly transfer closing reports to a server, read and consolidate the necessary details from the shop’s closing reports.

  • Enhance front office client support

The credit limit application process automate by a trade credit assurance firm with more than 50,000 customers worldwide. Company people previously manually gathered information from internal sources (Risk & Policy) to external sources (Customer Portal, Google News). They saved 2,440 hours a month with RPA. Employees now spend this time working with clients directly.

What are the business benefits of RPA?

Robots’ remain here. The quicker you harvest your talent, the more quickly your company can become competitive.

Moreover, automation of robotic systems offers direct profitability and improves accuracy across organizations.

It will not only transform and streamline your enterprise’s workflow to enable RPA to control any processes. Also, it will provide superior scalability and versatility within the business, doubling the swift, personalized answer to those requirements.

Computer robots can be quickly educated and implemented in any device smoothly. Multiply and deploy more on the way immediately.

They update continuously on their growth, leveraging predictability, and business when developing strategically.


RPA Tools: What Is Blue Prism RPA?

Many RPA tools are available in the market. But the top RPA tool for enterprises is the Blur Prism. What is Blue Prism RPA? How does it stand out among the market? 

RPA Tools Available

If we are to name the top three RPA Tools, results will show to:

  • UiPath
  • Blue Prism
  • Automation Anywhere

Blue Prism wins among the three when it comes to enterprises’ automation choice. This is probably because of its features. For instance, Blue Prism offers data security. Also, data abstraction, and analytics.

So, what is Blue Prism RPA?

Introducing: The Blue Prism

Again, Blue Prism is an RPA tool. Originally founded in 2001. This means that it automates business processes and tasks with the help of software robots. In addition, automating processes this way results in a cost-effective and agile business manner.

Moreover, the Blue Prism tool is also Java-based. Which means this tool offers a visual design feature. For example, this has easy functionality with its drag and drop feature. Plus, this goes with no scripts, recorders, or any form of intervention.

Features Of Blue Prism

Secure & Accurate

The tool has no limitations when it comes to the number of processes. Not to mention how the number of processes does not affect the quality it brings. Because results shall remain secure and accurate.


Being robust means that changes made are all in an audit. And these changes are related back to the users involved. Moreover, robust features include the following:

  • Load balancing
  • Data encryption
  • End-to-end audits

Scalable & Resilient

The tool is resilient in the sense that all processes can be monitored centrally. Besides, resilience comes with its scalability.

24-Hour Functionality

Blue Prism tool does not need in-person monitoring. It runs on itself, 24 hours a day! Thus, business runs even when you sleep.


The tool enables easy monitoring. This is because of its features like dashboards. Session information can be forwarded to the monitoring systems.

Data Security & Abstraction

Being able to work autonomously, processing information is all generated into the data center. This serves for better documentation and better security in processes.

Provide Cloud Support

The tool can also give off working capacity support. This depends on how you require this to be.

Execution Intelligence

Intelligence by robots enables dynamic connections to systems. Thus, this also enables dynamic responses to data in various environments.

The Coca-Cola Blue Prism Story 

Coca-cola, being one of the world’s biggest beverage companies. Operating in 200 countries, with almost 2 billion products. Not to mention its 200 million customers daily.

The company turned to use the Blue Prism RPA tool. The first automated tasks within their Finance Division. Then after making use of the tool with the HR division.


They divided their processes into multiple SAP systems. The results are:

  • Time-efficient in auditing data
  • Easy tracking of reports without the additional manual workforce
  • 24/7 of business operations with better efficiency

These changes have benefited the company bigtime. Because these solutions come without additional employee headcount. Also, this improved customer experience. Lastly, it allows for better end-to-end auditing performance.


What Are The List Of Tools For Robotic Process Automation?

Tools are part of our everyday life. From our home to our work. Even in RPA, tools are essential. What are the list of tools for robotic process automation?

Of course, we all agree that we need something to help us lessen the load. Or, that something can make things easy. Especially in RPA, tools are that important.

Below, we will list 8 RPA tools to choose from. These tools are randomly selected and come with pros and cons embedded in it.

At the end of this article, hopefully, you can now decide on what tools to have for your company. What are the list of tools for robotic process automation? We will now commence the process.

Inflectra Rapise

First on our list is Inflectra Rapise. It provides support for hybrid business scenarios. Moreover, it helps to automate applications from Mobile, Desktop, and Web.

It is easy for both programmers and non-developers. This tool supports automation projects of any size. Also, it provides an open platform for enhancements and integration

However, this tool a Windows-only platform. For its price, $1,599 for a single developer license, unlimited execution agents. It also includes unlimited support and free upgrades for 1 year from purchase.

Automation Anywhere

Like most tools, it provides all core capabilities. Also, an on-premise tool and offers cloud services.

For banking, it provides Bank-grade security. Besides, it helps in security by authenticating, encrypting, and credentials. Moreover, there are real-time reports and analytics.

However, this tool’s IQBot needs improvement.


First and foremost, it is perfect for all workstation applications and any size front office. It is also an on-premise tool and offers cloud services. Moreover, supporting Citrix.

Furthermore, its attributes include communicating with active applications. And, applications that are minimized. Besides, it works fast and provides reports and analytics.

However, it only supports the Windows operating system.


Kofax is an efficient tool. It can work with any application virtually. If you don’t have coding skills, this is right for you. It is not mandatory to have coding skills.

More so, it is an intelligent tool for monitoring and optimizing processes. It has a central server that manages it. It can process data from any website, desktop application, and portal.

However, it needs to improve the videos about training. Therefore, it may be a bit difficult to learn.


Softomotive has two solutions for robotic process automation.

One is Enterprise Automation and the other is Desktop automation.

Enterprise automation helps increase productivity, performance, and efficiency. Thus, ensuring better enterprises.

On the other hand, desktop automation is for individuals and small teams. It can automate desktop and web-based tasks.

However, it is only supported by the SQL server.


AntWorks RPA is called ANTstein. It can work with any type of data and it supports a code-free environment. It helps develop robots despite no programming and designing processes.

Redwood software

This tool will help you most with repetitive tasks. It will automate those as an RPA tool. The system is easy to use and scalable. Also, it provides robotic processes as a service.


Jacada RPA is for supporting interactions, Contact centers, and customer services.

For customer services, Jacada has taken the best features from RPA and desktop automation. It helps in improving accuracy, customer satisfaction, and productivity.

AI Digital Transformation RPA

Why Pursue Robotics Process Automation For Your Business?

Robotics Process Automation is one of today’s trends in business. More and more work needs to be done in a limited time. Not to mention the human workforce in need to carry out these tasks. These tasks are mostly repetitive and seemingly trivial. But, these keep the business running.

This is why pursuing Robotics Process Automation today is a good career choice. Let us discuss your top why’s.

High In Demand

One foremost reason is the demand for the job. As outlined at the outset, more repetitive tasks are in need. If possible, the less human error should be opted for.

This is how choosing to go with Robotics Process Automation eases the workload. Companies like IBM, Cognizant, Dell, and Accenture. These companies make use of this new technology. To level up their business operations. It does more than just keeping the tasks running. But, it aids in more growth and the scaling industry.

Because of its high demand, an RPA developer can earn more up to $100,000 per year. However, this goes for an individual entry. 

Time And Cost-Efficient

On the productivity side, opting for Robotics Process Automation is great. It impacts both time efficiency. And also the cost-efficiency. Because you’re going to save your time for training people. Not to mention the pay you’re saving for additional employees. 

Moreover, since it is done in automation. Work is going to be more efficient and accurate. Less human errors will be involved with the processes. 

Fast Return Of Investment

Speaking of ROI, investing with RPA is worth it. You will be paying a minimal cost for the RPA. But you are to earn maximum profit.

How is this so? As mentioned, you can save with the employee’s fee. And time-efficiency aids the business to run more smoothly. That is with fewer human errors in the process.

A good example of this is DHL. Because this company integrated finance and logistics processes with RPA. As a result, the company gained its ROI only in a month. That’s fast! Considering how it strengthens and advances your operations.

Simplify The Complexities

Getting by with reports and analysis is surely time-consuming. Not to mention how complex the task is.

But, implementing RPA solves the complexity of the task. RPA can store and restore information. Since it is automated, information processes are easily done and accomplished. 

Thus, RPA can equip a business to be auditable and even tax ready. Auditing and reports have never come so easy. You can even choose to schedule generating reports every day. This aids in better monitoring and analysis.

24/7 Business

Since robots never sleep, the business can keep running. Even with the best of 100% capacity. Thus, RPA in business aids in no downtime.

But suppose you change some business processes. You can either replace or configure your bots. Rest assured that these are less prone to errors. 

In case you are thinking of switching to RPA, try FREE editions of RPA Tools. If you like the switch, then decide for the premium versions.

AI Digital Transformation RPA

RPA Automation 2020- Full Guide & Introduction

RPA Automation makes repetitive tasks easier with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Also, machine learning capabilities aids in handling these tasks that are supposed to be for humans.

Tasks range from records maintenance, queries, or even calculations. Any seemingly trivial but repetitive tasks can now be done with RPA.

What Bots Can Do?

Bots or ‘software robots’ consists of RPA technology. These bots can work in place of humans. For instance, they can encode, and calculate data. And they can log in and log out from applications too.

There are three kinds of bots, namely, chatbots, knowbots, and probots.

  • Chatbots- they serve like your customer service or your virtual agents. These bots can respond to queries in real-time. This helps with a fast response system. Thus, increasing customer satisfaction experience.
  • Knowbots- on the other hand, is responsible for ‘know-ing’. They do search and gather data. Next, they can store these data in your preferred storage or format.
  • Probots- lastly, probots do repetitive tasks. These bots follow simple processes of data or tasks.

Benefits Of Integrating RPA Technology

How will RPA Automation technology benefit the business?

You may come to think of its time efficiency in tasks. Also, it provides more work quality. However, there are reasons why a business should advance with RPA.

Here are some of the why’s you should be considering:

  • Chatbots can enhance how you deliver customer service. Real-time responses keep your customers intact on your website. It can make them feel welcome with your business being responsive.
  • Another feature is its compliance feature. Having bots operate can help the business stick with policies. Thus, this helps with business compliance. Both in internal and state policies.
  • RPA Automation is cost-effective too. You can save paying for manual labor. Plus, bots operate with no human errors. This aids in more work efficiency.
  • Also, RPA helps the business gain more productivity. Employees can then focus on more important duties. Rather than taking care of these trivial, and repetitive tasks.

RPA Functionality

Accounting Services

RPA automation can also aid the business with general accounting. As mentioned, bots can import and calculate data. 

Also, RPA can serve with operational accounting, budgeting, and transactional reporting. Plus, these reports can be done in real-time.

Health Care Services

Handling patient records and support can be a very tedious task. Thus, RPA can help you with this. Aside from this, bots can also do account management. Not to mention, bots can take care of billing, reporting, analysis concerns.

Financial Services

Foreign exchange payments can also be done by bots. Also, bots can manage audit requests. And, do process insurance claims.

Human Resources 

Moreover, RPA can handle onboarding and offboarding of employees. Also, they can automate data encoding. Thus, these bots can also update your employees’ information quickly. Also, with timesheet submissions.

Overall, RPA Automation aids a lot in a business’s growth and profitability. However, not all initial RPA processes are successful. It has been reported that about 30-50% of initial RPA projects fail. But with further adjustments, bots can truly benefit your business.

Business Analyst

Introduction To RPA Consulting Companies: Robotic Process

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is a state-of-the-art innovation that can use human activity. Read more to understand the RPA Consulting Companies listed.


The RPA uses the modified UI (User Interface) to test and track operation. You’re never going to go wrong with this method. 

Also, the sector carries out the latest analysis. The economic advisers find that RPA has greater expertise during this study. 

This serves to decrease the time-consuming and recurring operation. So, this will boost the job in an exceptional way. 

RPA Consulting Companies: Robotic Process

RPA can increase productivity and have concise details. So, it can also provide finance details real-time access. 

Thus, this is beside the potential for research and records. The sum would rise because of the presence of large technology.

So, this innovation will also allow fund managers to contribute more. Thus, continue to incorporate core beliefs over the tactical perspective

The Top RPA Companies Consultancy List: 

Automation Anywhere (Dubai, India, and the USA)

Where you would like to recruit U.S. RPA firms. For the greatest expertise of automatic business processes. 

Thus, well you can use machines wherever you want. It’s because folks working today are serious, despite delay you will do it. 

They have made every effort to fulfill your key needs. So, this firm has absolute network security that is well regulated. 

RPA defense and a lot else wants to fix leadership. Also, the most user-friendly product you can encounter here. 

Moreover, they will then work and adopt the existing method. But this is depending on the project process. 

Employees: 1000 to 5000 

Established: 2003 

KRYON (Israel, Singapore, and the USA)

You would then take the mechanism of robotic automation into account. A devoted team can do find here. 

Who is the right response to consumer requirements? So, this consultancy company is operating 24/7 for RPA. 

Thus, you wish, you may notify them. Also, the firms provide leading-edge technologies such as direct launch. 

RPA, analytics, and exploration of systems. 

• Employees: 50 to 200

• Founded: 2008

Happiest Minds (India)

The main emphasis is on incorporating new innovations. This firms. Also, developing a specific approach. 

IT staff help with traditional methods. Thus, the mechanization identification mechanism in the latest way. 

They are eligible to function on all kinds of AI in the autonomous process. It’s very safe and perfect in all kinds of circumstances. 

• Employees: 1000 to 5000

• Founded: 2011

Conoid (India and USA)

In India and the United States, this firm does know as the leading RPA consultancy firm. Also, they have an excellent RPA approach. 

They help you build the best program and carry out the mission without any mistakes. This is with innovative capabilities.

• Employees: 50 to 200

• Founded: 2011

Lekan (Finland and Sweden)

When you’re using the obtained knowledge in a specific method, Lekab is here. In a brief period, you will get fast execution operation. 

Thus, the program communicates with the code of any kind such as ERP systems. Also, the unacknowledged method can do streamline. 

Moreover, such that technology holes do fill. Thus, it has 11 to 50 personnel and was founded in 1994.