Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Failure Rate

So we will learn in this article about the digital transformation failure rate and also, why this happen? Therefore, what are the things to remember to have a successful digital transformation?

Introduction About The Digital Transformation Failure Rate

The digital transformation is implemented in many various ways. So there are many different results in the process.

Moreover, every industry or company has a unique process that could alter the result. Such as, some companies use transformation. 

Also, some are using it to build and improve their catalog. So there are many different ways of application.

However, to avoid being the one in the 70% of the failure rate of the digital transformation here are things to remember.

The Reason Of High Failure Rate In Digital Transformation

There is about a 70% of failure rate in digital transformation. But it can be avoided if you know what are things you should not do.

So here are the following:

  • Do not have clear goals for the digital transformation
  • Lack of expertise
  • Internal resistance
  • You ignore the customer feedback and experience
  • Do not have a senior management
  • The application of the digital transformation is too fast
  • Behind in the other competitors
  • Lack of understanding of customers needs
  • Culture change is lacking
  • Quality is not prioritize

So we will tackle some of it to be more knowledgeable in the situation.

Unclear Goals For The Digital Transformation

So the goals why you are applying the digital transformation should be clear. Such as what are your business goals and strategy to make it possible.

Also, after setting up a clear goal everyone who engages in the process must know and understands it. 

Lack Of Partner Experts

Lacking expertise or partner professionals could lead to failure. Why? Because the process of digital transformation is long and a lot of things need to consider.

Your professional partners will help you and guide you in the following:

  •  Making priority in the initiatives that have a greater impact.
  • Help you to gain the objectives you need.
  • Lastly, they will help you to avoid delays and failures.

 Internal Resistance

Support of each and everyone in the company is necessary. So does the resistance has a great effect.

It could bring down even the best strategy that you have. Though, it is normal that within the company they have fear about the changes.

That is why it is necessary to make them understand why the company needs to undergo such a process.

Lack Of Heart In Customer Experience

In the digital transformation process, your customer needs to be at the bottom of it. Or, you can say the center of it.

You start everything because of the reason that you want to give the best experience to your customer. Also, remember that your customer is the reason why your business is still alive.

Therefore, it is better to listen to their feedback whether it is positive or negative. So with that, you will able to make a good strategy and decision-making.

Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation And IoT

Learn more about digital transformation and IoT or the Internet of Things. Also, know ow these two are linked or important to each other?

The Introduction About The Digital Transformation And IoT

So we will learn more about the IoT in its role in digital transformation. Therefore, to understand more about it we will tackle it.

So the digital transformation as we all know it is a process of integrating technology in all areas. Not just in a particular area but your whole company and operations.

On the other hand, the IoT is the set of technologies. It has the idea of connecting things using a platform.

What are things to expect in the IoT digital transformation? Here are the following:

  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Big data

So with the following above you able to improve the communication. Also, at the same time showcase the products you have. 

However, what is the facts to consider in digital transformation and IoT? Well, let us see.

IoT Platform And Digital Transformation: Things You Must Consider

So the IoT is the platform that connects you to your customers. It is an end-to-end software framework. 

Therefore, it should have the following as its capabilities:

  • it enables the analytics and the visualization
  • can manage a device
  • it allows the remote connections to all the necessary objects and devices

Also, here are the following things to consider or your checklist must have the following:

  • Network agnostic connectivity
  • Data management features
  • End to end security
  • Protocol agnostic connectivity
  • Global deployment management features

Another thing to employ in the IoT platforms are the following:

  • network solutions
  • robust delivery mechanism
  • technology expertise
  • strong collaboration systems

So that is the following you need to consider and remember o have the best digital transformation and IoT platform. However, even in this wonderful success of the digital transformation, why still many failures?

So let us consider that.

Reasons Why Transformation Fails

  • Lacking understanding and knowledge about digital transformation.

As we mentioned above, that digital transformation may vary depends on the company. However, digging deeper into what is its purpose is still needed.

Also, all the executives and part of the company needs to know how the transformation will affect them.

  • The strategy does not link to the rest.

It is one of the results of the first issue. If others do not know the purpose of the digital transformation. Therefore, educating them will be the answer to this issue.

  • Just copying your competitors

The thinking of let do what others do is not a good idea. Why? You will just copy what they do but you will never know the purpose.

So always know that every company has unique events, culture, strategy, and implementations. Therefore, copying is not a good idea, the result will not be the same as to them.

  • Company alignment

It is the toughest part of the transformation. How to align everything. Starting from the goals, employees, and operations.

But you need to try to make everything align in yours. Technology and your business goals.

Digital Transformation

Who Are The Digital Transformation Enablers

So we will learn now who are the digital transformation enablers and there purpose? Also, learn how these enablers are label as one.

Digital Transformation Enablers Introduction

So today, we will tackle a lot about digital transformation. About the pillars of it which are the following:

  • Customer experience

Making a more fun and good experience for your customer. Such as online shopping or online platforms where they can easily purchase everything.

  • Operations process using the transformation and technology.

It is more applicable to the employees of your company. Bringing them the technology to make their daily task easy.

Also, by using the technology in automation you can eliminate repetitive tasks. So your employees could able to work efficiently and do the job fast.

Moreover, it can be achieved using the better flow of information, teamwork, and collaboration. Which is the following mentioned are the elements of the digital transformation.

  • Making a new and better business model

So to add up the two-pillar above, it could result in another pillar. Of course, it is the new model using the transformation.

Such as using the GPS done by Waze or the hospitality and transport that use by Uber. So there are a lot of things in the technology that could lead you to make a new business approach.

So aside from the pillar of the digital transformation, there are also enablers. Therefore, let us know what are these?

The Enablers Of The Digital Transformation

So here are the following enablers of the digital transformation.

  • Agile company

So with the agile company, you will able to move faster and nimbleness. Especially in your company’s following:

  • business outcomes
  • operating model
  • company model

Therefore, they are the best fit for the new creation of innovations. Also, it is about putting passion into your company.

Such as learning or creating ideas and principles that best fit a start-up. 

  • Business model innovation

So it is not about the profit or what you will gain. However, it is about leveraging the digital to its best.

You can apply it by doing a new entire business model. Using the following:

  • Social media
  • Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Cloud
  • IoT

So after you apply this, a profit or an ROI will just follow.

  • Consumer-centricity

Your consumer is your focus. There are like your boss, that what they need must follow.

Understanding your customers’ problems and demands will help you make a solution. So these solutions will work for them, to satisfy them, and make them loyal to your product or services.

Also, it could be possible to use the new digital solutions.

  • Data is your power

Your collected data can be your power. Of course in the right way.

It could be your power as you will able to have insights into how you will run your business properly.

Generating the data to be your information and insights will make everything more simple and understandable.

  • Exponential bets

It is about making a new ecosystem or culture in your company. So this new culture must aim to put alignment in the following:

  • People
  • Services
  • Product
  • and many more.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation BCG Company

Learning more about the BCG digital transformation company. What are their company background and also the following services they offer?

The BCG Digital Transformation Introduction

Digital transformation today is not new to many companies nor business leaders. Also, there is a lot of big organization now that offers services in guiding other companies in terms of digital transformation.

So one of the many organizations that offer the services in the digital transformation is the BCG. It is one of the known company.

Therefore, let us learn more about them. About the background of their company and their services they offer.

BCG Your Driver To Digital Transformation

There are about 30% of the companies who succeed in operating the digital transformation. However, the 70% rest has come to its failure.

So to avoid this to happen you need to find the right partner for your digital transformation. Therefore, we are presenting to you the BCG company. 

They have the approach of building bionic companies. Also, blending the digital technology to the capabilities of your employees.

So it is applied to your business operations.

Here are the following things or factors that BCG digital transformation uses to have an 80% success rate.

  • Clear goals for the transformation are used to integrating a strategy.
  • Using the leadership committee of the CEO up to the middle management.
  • They deploy the best or the high-caliber skills for the process of the transformation.
  • They have the mindset of agile governance to drive the adoption within or across the company.
  • Also, they have a good approach to monitoring the progress or outcomes of the process.
  • Lastly, they have a great business lead modular technology. Also, a data platform in place.

However, everything does not happen overnight. You need to focus on the process and outcome.

Such as focusing on the following:

  • buy-in
  • building skills
  • valuing your business

The BCG Approach

So another thing, aside from that they use the right factors. Also, they have a different approach to digital transformation.

So here are the following:

  • Implementing the outcomes

They will work with you to help you determine, implement, and prioritize the impact of use cases. So with this, you will abe to create or build the value of digital technologies.

  • Building the right digital skills and managing the talent

Know that in the transformation it does not mean eliminating. However, it means evolving and augmenting your employee’s capabilities. 

Therefore, the goal of the BCG is to help you adopt agile. Why? Because it is the key or your foundation to your digital transformation.

  • They change and develop the ways of working

So by using the agile ways of working will help you to enable quick response to change. It is like you are now can easily adapt to want is new.

Especially in partnering with the BCG, they will able to embed a behavior or culture that fosters collaboration, a new approach, and learning.

Also, even there are a lot of changes, BCG makes sure to still align and comply with the governance, company structure, and process.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Topics

Let have to take a look at some of the digital transformation topics you need to know. Also, how these following are affects the companies in many ways?

Digital Transformation Topics Introduction

So when we talk about modern business today it links to the digital transformation. Why? Because modern business is exploring and using to for necessary changes.

Therefore, topics around the various companies about digital transformation are very known. Such as what are the benefits of transformation?

Also, what are the right things to do when implementing a digital transformation? So today we will learn some of it.

Topics For Digital Transformation

Some of the major and core themes in the digital transformation are the following:

  • Cost minimization
  • Digital scale-up
  • Business growth
  • Organization change

So many things or solutions in the technologies that could drive you in this for concepts. Mostly, with the help of these two: Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

So without more delays, we will start discussing some of the interesting topics in digital transformation.

Cost Minimization

We want to deliver a good result but with a minimum spend. Saving more money such as limiting the following:

  • budgets
  • reducing the resources

All thanks to the technology. By leveraging digital technology it will help your company to unlock many potential things.

Such as the following:

  • Tracing the waste in the operations and process
  • Terminating the repetitive activities
  • Helping your employees to be more extra digital savvy

So with all of this, you can expect a good result. Another thing time-consuming task is to lessen.

Therefore, everyone can work efficiently and productively. Another thing you can expect after the cost minimization is the following:

  • Sustainability

So by using intelligence and generated smart sensor appliances and using the AI you will able to collect data. The following data is easily generated as the information that could be an advantage to you.

  • Automation

It is one of the lowest hanging fruit of digital transformation. So it helps your company to relieve from the mundane, exhausting repetitive task.

Therefore, you will able to make use of the right process and shift to a more relevant task in the company.

Business Growth And Digital Scale-up

So with the digital transformation application in this field in a large organization are increasing. Moreover, the growing use of the Saas products is one of the evidence that technology transformation is a great deal.

This year, more companies now are more to know how to prepare their infrastructure. Or maybe you are one of these many companies.

So many can handle efficiently about devices, apps, and data. Moreover, it is beyond the expected or anticipated adaption from within the companies.

Organizational Change With Abundant Connectivity

Many are expecting the Wifi 6 and 5G in mobile networks. So with these more connections and faster connectivity are expected.

Also, it can support and provide more speed in the connection so lower latency. Especially data or the wireless connection is now known.

The user wants a more convenient way of using the internet. Therefore, using a wireless connection is the easy way. 

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation KPI

Learn about digital transformation and the KPI. Also, know how it could help you know the success of your transformation?

Introduction About The Digital Transformation and KPI

If you are one of the companies that want to apply digital transformation you need to prepare yourself. As digital transformation is a long process of implementation.

Moreover, there are a lot of strategies that need to be applied carefully. Also, maintaining it is one of the tough parts.

However, everything could be easy if you have the best partner in town. Someone who knows a lot about technology and innovation.

Also, they will able to help you in tracking the progress of your transformation. It is one of the important things.

So what are the following things that need to be tracked? Here is the list:

  • The following percentage of reactive work
  • Downtime
  • If there is an increase in the availability
  • Increase in the revenue
  • Maintenance cost

So with the following, you will able to tell if your transformation is progressing. However, how could we measure all of these?

Well, we will be using the KPI or the key performance indicator for our digital transformation progress. So with this, important thing is to track on time.

The KPI Of The Digital Transformation

So there are a lot of traditional metrics for measuring the success of the transformation. However, it might not be applicable today.

Therefore, we have the following things you might want to try. These are the KPI to view more about the success of your transformation.

So the list is:

  • Reach of the transformation

So in this part, you know what are the goals of your transformation to reach. For example, does your company want to reach globally? 

What is the following line of workflow that is automated? So in your metrics, you can include the following:

  • Manual hours invested in manufacturing a products
  • Number of the visitors
  • Growth registrations based on month-on-month
  • Active usage and use engagement

One of the pieces of evidence that transformation is successful is the active user. If they able to follow and more engage in the service then it is a thumbs up.

They can get active and integrate into the technology.

Evaluating the system if the performance is in progress or it faces issues. So in the metrics, you can include the following:

  • Uptime
  • Mean time to failure and time to resolve it
  • Risk factors

Though the starting of the transformation is okay and working fine. Still, in a long-term process, you might face a risk factor.

Therefore, you should have metrics in place to evaluate the security posture from time to time. 

The Popular Walkme Company

Let us have a small introduction about one of the digital companies know globally. The Walkme company that publishes software development tools.

Also, they offer help and guidance for the start-ups of the business that wants to focus on leveraging the technology. It is through online and engagement platforms.

So it is more convenient as we all know because the pandemic face to face is kind of impossible.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Automotive

Learn more about the connection between digital transformation and automotive. Also, what are the following things we could expect in this improvement?

The Digital Transformation And Automotive Industry

We all know that digital transformation is not new in terms of many industries, so does in automotive. It is no stranger for the automative as they are one of the highest rates who use the technology.

So we can tell that that the technology already penetrates many areas of the automotive chain. Such as in many :

  • distribution
  • manufacturing
  • retails

One thing that automotive professionals expect are the following:

  • artificial intelligence
  • the abundance of the customer data
  • connectivity

The following are expected to bring more investment in the future. However, aside from the following what should we expect?

Digital Transformation And Automotive: What Should We Expect?

Though in the line of the automotive purchase, there are things that traditionally still acceptable in the 20th century. Why? Because many purchasers still wanted to buy it as the experience.

However, if we talk about the new and more modern way of automative purchase. Online showrooms did a little penetration in an increase for the customer experience.

So, yes, it is kind of convenient for the purchaser. As they will able to seat comfortably and go shopping online. 

So with this kind of trend sellers can able to go B2C commerce or offline. Therefore, we can tell there are good impacts of the digital transformation in the automotive.

However, there are always challenges in every change. So what are these challenges that automotive companies had to go through?

The Following Challenges Automotive Companies Has To Go Through

  • Investment

It is the top one as the challenge of the economic climate and cash conversation. As most of the automotive companies are a priority the sustainability and improving the following:

  • sales efficiency
  • chain visibility
  • customer experience

Of course, even they want to go through the digital transformation still they need to center their goal on the highest ROI.

  • Resistance to change

It is one of the challenges that can not be avoided. Especially there is the survey that the automotive industry remains low level in digital maturity.

So many are still resistant to the consideration of digital transformation.

  • Customer-centricity

One of the problems is customer-centric, as the change will affect the execution of the company programs. In terms of the dealer and other service levels.

So to make things possible, the experienced dealer in the digital experience is distinguished. This experience is a great help to make a good relationship with the customers.

The Walkme Company

The walkme company is one of the worldwide known in the line of digital adoption. It is launched in the year 2011 in April.

So what do we expect from this company? You can seek guidance from them especially on how well you adapt to the digital or technology.

Also, the digital adoption platform is excellent in collecting data. Data is one of the necessary things to process information.

Therefore, you will able to process information to make an advantage and make the right decision-making.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Innovation

Learn more about the digital transformation and the innovation that it brings to your company. Also, learn what are the following benefits in leveraging the technology?

Introduction About The Digital Transformation Innovation

So in the fast-changing digital world that we have, how can you deal with it? Is there any solutions technology offers about it?

So to have guidance in this matter, we will have tips for you. Therefore, you can work more innovatively.

It is the tips and methods that you should not miss as they will help you to be more efficient.

To Go More Digital Transformation And Innovation

To get more innovation in the digital transformation you should know the following benefits. Therefore, with this, you will able to find things to optimize it.

So here are the following benefits you can get.

  • Enhancing the customer experience

Of course, one of the goals of your company is to bring a more quality customer experience. So does the digital transformation, it is more like its heart.

Why? Because you focus everything to gain more customers by giving what they deserve.

So the research proves the using digital transformation brings or increases the company’s strategies. Therefore, the companies can meet or sometimes exceed the expectation of their customer.

  • Insights about the data-bases

So by using the digital transformation you able to collect more data. The following data can help you track metrics.

Another thing, the data that you have collected can be processed and analyze to give you the information. So the information that you have generated is a helpful thing to make a digital marketing effort for strategy.

It will help you more understand your customers and also their demand. So with this aside you can make a good strategy, you can make good decision-making to have a higher ROI.

More Benefits Of The Digital Transformation

  • Collaboration across all your company department

So the digital transformation could bring the unity of your all departments across your company. that is with the help of you leaders.

Moreover, each one will have the same goal and purpose. So it could bring a good and seamless transition.

  • It can improve the agility and innovation of your company

So one of the reasons also that you go digital is to be more innovative. As the survey result, there are about 65% of companies have increased their ranking.

Using digital can bring more agility to your company and you will able to be more innovative.

The Walkme Company

So talking about being an competitive and innovative company, here is a popular one. The walkme company that is known to be one of the best in bringing the digital adoption platform.

They are helping companies to go innovative using the technology. Moreover, they use the software and website to drive in their customers to help them increase their sales.

Also, helping them to be more competitive and bring quality customer service. So how this happen? 

They using a more comprehensive step guidance approach. Also, they using video tutorials and tedious manuals.

Digital Transformation

Explain Digital Transformation

So in this article, we will explain more about digital transformation. Also, we will know its processes that should be implemented.

Explain The Digital Transformation Introduction

We will explain the definition of digital transformation and also its importance. As we all know that digital transformation has many definitions.

Why? Because it has a different impact on every company. Also, every company has a unique part, procedures, and operations.

However, in simple words. Digital transformation will help you integrate into digital technology. Moreover, it can not only touch one of your departments.

However, it could affect all parts of your business operations. Also, it helps you in the fundamental changes you need in your operations.

Also, in the process of digital transformation, cultural change is necessary. It means from the traditional process to a new one.

To Explain The Importance Of The Digital Transformation

However, why the transformation digitally matters nowadays in any size of the company? The first reason is the necessity of this to survive in the upgrading industry.

Especially in this pandemic, more companies now more eager to adopt the technology.

So with their eagerness they able to start-up. Therefore, we will tackle the things to remember in implementing the digital transformation. 

Aside from that, it is for survival, there are more several reasons to go digital. Here are the following:

  • Supply chain disruptions
  • The rapid change in the customer demands
  • Market pressure
  • Change of the priorities

So we know already the reasons of some companies why they apply the digital transformation. Now let us see what are the following things to remember in implementing it.

Evaluating The Current Status

You must know first and foremost the current status of your company. It is a must before taking any steps in using technology.

Moreover, let your executives learn about what will happen in the company in the next following months. Of course, as you start the digital transformation.

Also, evaluating your company status will make you understand and make a clear line if you will able to make success in the transformation. Moreover, the goals and vision should be clear.

Setting A Budget In The Right Technology

So in this matter, it is a must that the following agreed on a certain budget:

  • Executive team
  • IT team
  • Finance leaders

Also, in budgeting it is a must to include the following expenses:

  • support costs
  • employee training
  • temporary loss of productivity

Plan Out Training

Of course, educating and training your employees in new software is necessary. Moreover, it is more likely the challenging one.

Open Feedback Culture

Feedback is must open. Employees also have matters to say about the new operations, software, and culture.

Also, with change management, you can start to bring a more solid one, of course with the help of your employees. So you should take time to listen to them.

The Walkme Company

The Walkme company is known to be using the digital adoption platform. Also, they are a company that is the context-intelligent algorithm.

So if you are partnering with them you are assured to receive the right guidance at the right time. It is nice, isn’t it?

Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation Analyst

Let us discuss about the work of the digital transformation analyst program. Also, learn how they do their work as analysts in your company.

Idea Of Digital Transformation Analyst Program

So we are in this modern-day in higher technology. Therefore one of that technology is digital transformation.

Because the transformation project fails to do their actual target. Therefore the transformation analysts program has been doing something.

They design with a transformation analysis and modeling training. So practitioners now have the tools and skills they need to meet transformation goals.

Moreover, a transformation analyst program has been a structure of a business. Because it builds on the existing capabilities of any student.

So if you are a student and want to be a digital transformation analyst. You will learn the necessary things in this discussion about digital transformation.

So this inspires a new way of thinking and working with a model of transformation. Also, it is done through theory and practice training as well as hands-on experience.

Moreover, as a practitioner, they need to learn to apply transformation modeling techniques. So a digital transformation analyst programs include individual performance.

Focus Of Digital Transformation Analyst

So this digital transformation analyst program will ensure you as a student. Therefore you will get the required theory and practice around transformation management.

So be an observer of the thing we discuss the transformation analyst programs. Because it includes the development of model skills with the following.

So the transformation disciplines around:

  • Business model engineering
  • Pain point
  • Continuous service improvement
  • Competency and function duplication
  • Service ownership
  • Operating model
  • Vallue model and ccost model
  • Performance bottlenecks

However digital transformation analyst program can be integrated into any relevant company. Therefore lest discuss also the individual performance coaching style.

So it is only through the coaching and building the participant. Also of their existing knowledge that capabilities they gain and apply.

An individual performance coaching is an integrated element f digital transformation analysis education. Also, the training programs to ensure the following:

  • Frameworks
  • Approaches
  • Methods
  • Modeling principles are customized 

So these things adapt and apply in the real world of project setting with an action plan. It is a successful finish of this program that will you be a certified analyst.

Digital Transformation Analyst Roles Of Business

So for you to make a successful it is impossible without an in-depth understanding. Also on how for a company to work on and have a clear vision of the future.

So many companies take on partners by helping them to execute digital transformation. Moreover, it should look for firms that can give meaningful insights and especially for the partners.

However, in the information technology company, the business makes a transition should see. Also, their partners as associates and consultants have more service providers.

So a business strategy and software development go hand in hand. That why our business analyst works closely with your client on every project.

Moreover, the first way of a business analyst adds value to a digital transformation. It is a confirming the need for change that helps the business industry.

However, in the new company, it must develop the rationale for its entry. Also, entry into the marketplace must be existing the firm justify major strategy changes.